Friday, August 14, 2009

Wait for it...

WOW...the past 2 weeks have been insane, but I am here to give you a bulleted version of my whirlwind 2 weeks.

Wednesday July 29
*Worked a half day
*Almost forgot to pack my concert tickets
*Drove to the airport
*Flight got delayed
*Delayed more
*Delayed even more
*Finally my 4:05pm flight was cancelled at 9pm due to weather in New York
*Flight rebooked for 8:20am
*Get a hotel for the night
*Only have my carry on and Freddie
*Get to hotel, luckily it wasn't sketchy
*Had nothing of worth in my carry on so had to sleep in the clothes I was wearing
*Didn't sleep well...main due to stress and fear of oversleeping

Thursday July 30
*Get up at 6:15am
*Get to the airport
*My flight takes off on time
*I finish reading one of my Sookie Stackhouse books on the plane
*Got a FANTASTIC view of NYC and the Status of Liberty as we approached our landing
*Flight Landed around 11
*Met my mom and she didn't recognize me (I had shorter darker hair this time, but she never recognizes me until I am like standing a foot away from her)
*Somehow my luggage beat me to NY so we just grabbed it and headed out
*Dropped stuff and Freddie off at home - Freddie was such a great travel buddy and he kept me sane
*Had lunch at "the Panty" aka the Pantry Diner...yum
*Picked my sister up at the train station
*Got my first of MANY Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffees
*Picked up my rental car - I wasn't a yellow VW Bug (bahaha), but I some some KIA SUV that my mom insisted on
*Drove over 2 hours to New Jersey with Caitlyn to go see David Cook
*Paid $11 to cross the Verazano Bridge and another $8 to cross some other bridge WTF
*Got lost towards the end of our adventure and had a mild fight with Caitlyn
*Ate GROSS pizza and then saw a street called Cheesequake that broke the tension between Cait and I which lead to mass hysteria
*Screamed like a school girl for David Cook - we made it to about 10 people from the stage dead center, David looked DELICIOUS (got lovely views of all his tattoos)
*Drove home 2 hours in a David Cook trance...
Drove right under the Brooklyn Bridge and saw some fantastic views of the city on the BQE en route to dropping Cait off in Queens
*Came home at Midnight and fought with my mom ...big surprise
*Went to bed at like 3am completely drained

Friday July 31
*Woke up at like 11am
*Colleen came around noon
*Had a yummy yet sketchy lunch at Friendlys
*Drove to Queens to get my wallet I left in Cait's bag
*Planned on going to the beach since it didn't rain, but by the time we were about to go it rained
*Dropped off my rental car
*Watched like 4 episodes of Cash Cab with Colleen and my mom while drinking DD Iced Coffee
*Met Irene for dinner at Fridays
*Drove all the way to Long Beach for it to be lame
*Drove to RVC and went to Churchills which was lame
*Went next door to a place called LongHorns that I had never been to, but had a "band" aka 2 guys on guitar playing
*Drank beer out of mason jars at LongHorns
*Enjoyed the band and then went outback during their break
*Talk to this fun, random guy from Texas for a while until Colleen heard the band play "Use Somebody" and we ran back inside
*Talked with the crazy bar owner who loved his life and walked on the bar, drank beer out of his shoes, mooned his bartenders and was hitting a cowbell with a wooden spoon
*I also got to hit the cowbell a few times and then the bar owner told Colleen told her she had a short skirt on!
*Went home at last call and directly to bed

Saturday August 1
*Woke up around 9am
*Got another DD Iced Coffee
*Collena and took the train to NYC
*Went to TKTS to get cheap Broadway show tickets, but it was all so expensive
*Went to the box office at In The Heights, but they didn't have any cheat sheets
*Went to the Avenue Q box office and got rear mezzanine tickets
*Took a cab to our hotel which was in an AWESOME location and not shady at all
*Struggled for about 10 minutes to figure out the air conditioner including calling the front desk, but we figured it...stupid switch.
*Grabbed sandwiches at a nearby deli and ate out yummy sandwiches on a bench in the park behind the Museum of Natural History
*Took a cab to the theatre for Avenue Q...we kept looking out for the Cash Cab
*Got bumped up to 2nd row mezzanine
*We both loved the show and laughed the whole time
*Took a touristy picture outside of the theatre and sang songs the entire cab ride home
*Got ready and hung around our sweet room
*Christine came to the hotel as we finished getting ready
*Headed a few blocks over the Silk Road Palace AKA the Chinese place with free white wine
*Waited an hour for our table and all of our friends to get here, but drank free wine the entire time we waited
*Finally got our table for 10
*Got throwback Michael Jackson trading cards from Caitlyn as a "gift" and passed them out as "favors" - hilarity ensued
*Sara gave me an awesome ring from San Fran made out of a fork
*Ate, Drank and were Merry
*Had a waitress take a standard group picture that turned out hilarious with the lonely drunk old lady and random guys giving the thumbs up
*Went to a bar across the street and played beer pong while some people went to the hotel to finish getting ready
*Then went uptown to this awesome rooftop bar except Jeff couldn't get in because he had shorts and sneakers on (which later led to a funny "mad libs" type game about what Jeff was wearing)
*A bunch of up still went to the rooftop bar which has SPECTACULAR views, but $14 drinks
*My friend Rachel from high school met up with us there
*After a while we headed to another bar across town where some Quinnipiac people were
*The night gets a little blurry from here on out
*Rachel and I stopped by another bar where one of her friends was having a birthday party
*We head back to the bar with the Quinnipiac people and are there well past 3am
*We load into cabs and drank friends to come back to the hotel because they were in no shape to take the train home - at this point I think I lost my blackberry case :(
*Drop half the group at the hotel while the rest of us get pizza which took FOREVER and cost a million dollars
*Came back to the room to see Christine and Rachel PASSED out
*East HOT pizza too fast and burn our mouths off
*Collapse and fall asleep sometime after 4am

Sunday August 2
*Woke up around 10 something and have post night out recap and giggles
*Colleen drinks the $2.50 bottle of water in the room
*Slowly start to function
*Rachel and Kristyn go and get us drinks
*Christine FINALLY wakes up despite the fact the rest of us were so loud
*Take the subway to Penn Station hung over
*JUST make our train
*Get back home and it's raining
*Colleen gets on the road back to Rhode Island - bless her heart, meanwhile Sara took a bus back to Baltimore...yuck!
*Lay on the couch and watch a marathon of The Next Food Network Star for houuuuuurs
*Go pick up some stuff/junk for dinner including a Carvel Ice Cream Birthday Cake!
*DD for an Iced Coffee
*Watch the Season Finale of The Next Foot Network Star
*Pass out due to sheer exhaustion

Monday August 3
*Had lunch with my Aunt at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants
*Starbucks Iced coffee - I know, but mom was paying
*Shopped 'til I dropped with my mom at the mall for HOURSSSSS
*Had one of our favorite meals at the Cheesecake Factory
*Rented and watched Twilight with my mom at like midnight since she read all the books and she actually really liked the movie
*Bed at like 3am

Tuesday August 4 - MY BIRTHDAY
*put my phone on silent due to all the texts, facebook alerts, emails and calls I was getting starting at like 6am
*Once I finally woke up at like Noon I unsilenced my phone
*Got a DD Iced Coffee
*Got a fabulous NY bagel
*Went down to the beach to soak in all of its sights, smells and sun
*Checked all my fabulous facebook messages, texts etc - I felt pretty loved
*Christine came to get me and then we took the train to NYC
*Officially turned 26 at 4:58pm EST
*Met up with Rachel downtown and had dinner and drinks
*Christine and I met my friend Jeannine at Radio City Music Hall for our Incubus Concert
*Seriously we have never seen SO many duded in one place before
*The show was great...we all sang and bopped to the music
*Brandon Boyd was looking tasty as ever
*Walked to Penn Station
*Had interesting train ride home involving falling onto guys, spoons and being a big deal

Wednesday August 5
*Slept in
*Watched some Full House
*Got a DD Iced Coffee
*Went to Nathans for a fabulously famous hot dog
*Went to the airport
*Got stopped like every 5 people by people who thought Freddie was SOOO cute - which he is
*Flight was delayed an hour
*Got my FINAL Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee of the trip (#7 I believe)
*Started reading Julie and Julia at the airport and on the flight
*Got to ATL and remarkably got my luggage and to my car in record time
*Drove and got home around 10pm
*Unpacked and did laundry
*Pass out after Midnight

Thursday August 6
*Came back to 70+ emails
*Met with staff to talk about the year ahead
*Went to a University 1000 instructor training
*Worked on getting caught up on emails, voicemails etc.
*Had rehearsal with my wonderful actresses who were off book!!
*Cleaned my apartment
*Pass out

Friday August 7
*More work
*Meetings across campus
*Mini "reunion" at the AUSC
*Expected and unexpected visitors
*Sarah aka Mrs. Stenlake arrived in Auburn just as I was leaving work
*Major catching up session with Sarah
*Niffers for dinner
*Bodega for drinks
*Supper Club for bad decisions haha
*Drag Sarah's drunk ass home and go to bed at like 4:30am

Saturday August 8
*Sarah can't find her purse...crisis ensues
*Meet peeps for lunch at Toomers including my fabulously amazing friend Star (I figured she wouldn't be happy if I didn't write that)
*Sarah goes back to my apartment to rip it apart looking for her purse
*Take Star and Travis on the best/worst golf cart tour of campus
*Get SnoBiz
*Chill out at home with Sarah
*Briefly catch up with Sara (not the Sarah that was visiting)
*Go to Star and Travis's shower at the Armstrongs
*Introduce Sarah to the first season of How I Met Your Mother
*Head to bed early

Sunday August 9
*Sleep in a bit
*Brunch at IHOP
*Give Sarah a mini campus driving tour
*Sarah heads home
*Lay out poolside all afternoon
*Catch up with Natty Light
*Go to improv which was again superfun

Monday August 10
*Lots of prep work for SOS - Transfer Orientation
*Rehearsal with my cast
*Finally catch up with Colleen

Tuesday August 11
*More office/work craziness
*Briefing meeting with my Orientation Leaders
*Bed early

Wednesday August 12
*Wake up at 5:30am for SOS
*Campus by 6:15am
*SOS all day which was both fun and hectic
*Met with new Professional Development Work Group I am a part of
*Got Colleen a pep talk
*Went to bed earrrrly

Thursday Aug 13
*Went into work late because I wasn't feeling well - perhaps because I have has an insane 2 weeks!
*More work prepping for Welcome Week and an out of state student social
*Announced HCCs and HPCs!
*Even started half this blog post yesterday
*Squealed over some exciting news with Colleen
*Had rehearsal with my cast - our performance is on Wednesday and it's gonna be awesome I can't wait
*After rehearsal we all went out for dinner and drinks to bond and just hang out which was good times

Friday August 14
*Department meeting this morning
*Met with one of our new Grad Assistants about some projects he'll be working on
*Finished up this blog
*I'm about to head to lunch at the moment
*PERHAPS Supper Club tonight to see Delicious's new band, but I'd NEED a nap before then, if not bed early tonight
*Either way I hope to get LOTS of sleep this weekend and sun poolside as well

I hope you all enjoyed summary it was a fantastic 2 weeks and this blog could never do it justice anyway. I would definitely say I have started of being 26 with quite a bang!

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Sarah said...

Love the recap! Bad decisions were definitely made, but lots of fun!!