Thursday, December 11, 2008

Come fly with me

Since my ticket for my flight home for Christmas was cheaper than I expected I was able to buy a ticket to see my friends in Texas. I'm excited to see my friends and enjoy the town as a person who doesn't live there - does that sound weird - I mean it like I can be a visitor. I am already on planning to visit the people I used to work with and go out with the ladies from the sorority I joined while I was there and go out on the town..oh and eat FANTASTIC Mexican food!

I also still need to reserve Freddie's flight for Christmas. 70 bucks each way for a dog to sit in his carrier and count as a carry on...evil, but I don't want to board him while I'm home/away for so long. I will board him for the long weekend when I go to Texas and even then I'm not thrilled about it.

Also my college Alumni weekend is in late February and I need to book a flight for that as well. I am still working on logistics, but since I missed last year I really want to go this year.

I really need a pilots license...I fly SO MUCH, but I guess when you live in Alabama you need to do that.

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