Friday, February 26, 2010

Fast Friday

I wish I had more time to blog do alas I do not. I am packing up my things and about to head out the door at lunch to roadtrip to Atlanta with my friend Chuck for my friend Katie's wedding this weekend. Katie was a Head Camp Counselor when I was the NODA intern so I am looking forward to her wedding (my first wedding as an adult) and to see a bunch of camp people!

Also this weekend, on Sunday, is another What the Fox Improv show. Our director and MVP Lindsay was interviewed for offbeat auburn and the Auburn University paper, check it out:

I still need to also recap Idol. I must say I was surprised by the eliminations last night. Its not that I was attached to them, but I'm sad we couldn't see more of their possible potential. Whatever my rocker boy Lee Dewyze is going strong so I'm good.

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