Friday, February 19, 2010 Americal Idol

Seriously I am obsessed with American Idol - I bame you @EWMichaelSlezak and MTV News's @JambaJim.

So this week we found out which contestants are in the top 24 - 12 guys and 12 gals. I have to say I am pretty excited about half of those contestants.

With this season being Simon's last it is bittersweet, but I am really liking Ellen as a judge. Even Kara is SLIGHTLY less annoying.

I think this Idol season aka the next 14 weeks (that's a stat Slezak wrote I didn't do the math) I am going to try and write an idol related post each week about what went down that week. So if you don't watch the show - I suggest start, or get used to reading about it. I also plan on quoting some of the fantastically awesome articles I read from my fav bloggers. Especially gems like this from @EWMichaelSlezak "Theri's final note, in particular, was so bum it should've been cited for panhandling."

I'm not gonna recap this week, but some early favorites in the top 24 are:
Andrew Garcia - his Paula Abdul "Straight Up" was one of the best auditions of the year
Katie Stevens - this girl is 16 and has the such a mature voice
Didi Benami - she is very real and chill - she reminds me of season 7's Brooke White, but with a more powerful voice.
Crystal Bowersox - seriously with a name like Bowersox how could you not like her. This girl is indie and soulful - her "Natural Woman" and especially her "Makes You Happy" auditons were redonkulous.
Lee Dewyze - he is a rocker guy, we haven't heard a lot from him through the audition rounds, but I like his vibe and it doesn't hurt that he has a sexxxy mouth much like the far superior David Cook.

So obviously I can't blog about American Idol without a David Cook mention. While watching the auditions and Hollywood week rounds it got me thinking about if I had watched season 7 from the start would I have been an early David fan? I would LIKE to say I would have been, but I don't know. After "Billie Jean" I was owned by that boy and can't imagine not liking him. What I can tell you what I didn't like from watching videos from Dave's early Idol episodes was his hair/facial hair.

Please notice the Idol transformation Dave went through from his audition to the finale. AND FOR THE RECORD...I did not make this, I came across it a while ago online so I'm only sorta sad and creepy, not completely.

God I love scruffy facial hair on a guy.

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