Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last week I stopped by the radio show of one my Orientation Leaders which I was super excited about. I've been working here for over a year and somehow I never made it to the radio station. I was very impressed with their facilities they had, granted they moved into the new student center a year and a half ago and all got brand new stuff.

This week I was invited back to be on the show. I got to talk about my blog, tumblr, some good new artists and improv. My friend Christina tuned in and heard me on air since WEGL is streaming online.

WEGL really made me miss radio kids. We are a different breed...a little offbeat...passionate about music and generally very opinionated. It's good to know that radio kids in Connecticut are the same as radio kids in Alabama. I actually got on facebook yesterday and looked up a bunch of former WQAQ kids to see where they're at.

Seriously my WQAQ DJ days were some of my fondest. I still have TAPES, yes TAPES of my radio if only I could find something to play the tape on.

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Star said...

Since I refuse to purchase new technology, I still have a radio that plays CD's and tapes. You can actually play TWO tapes. I know you're jealous