Friday, January 29, 2010


I love my job. I really do. But if at this moment I could be doing something else I would easily say I would want to be a writer for Entertainment Weekly. I am such a pop culture junkie and the fact that these people get PAID to write about pop culture is amazing. My two absolute favorite EW staffers are Michael Slezak and Kristen Baldwin. They are mean, smart and hilarious. Anything they write or talk about is great. I really think they are fantastic writers, but I also love all their videos on EW's site. They have such great chemistry and you can tell they are just great friends. Every time I watch their videos I instantly wish I was in the room with them taking part in their conversations.

Michael and Kristen are at their absolute best when they are talking American Idol. I was a casual fan season 7 when David Cook won my heart, but it was truly Michael and Kristen that made me an "Idoloonie" (their words not mine). I am addicted to Idol because I want to know what they are talking or writing about. I watched the Bachelorette last season just to read what Kristen had to say about it!

I am so thrilled Idol is back and really can't wait for Hollywood week and the competition to get underway. When Idol is back that means Idolatry is back. Idolatry is Michael's weekly take on this week's Idol and it always makes me laugh out loud (esp the graphics on the little TV in Michael's office). I will be sad when Kristen goes on maternity leave, but I'm sure she will be back with a vengence upon her return. If you like Idol I highly suggest you watch this and even if you don't I suggest you watch this because you still have time to jump on the Idol bandwagon this season!

Not to mention their is some BONUS David Cook introducing Idolatry this week - thank goodness I read that online before I saw it because otherwise I might have had a heart attack due to excitement. I still might because next week Michael is airing an interview he did with David this week and I seriously am pee my pants excited about it.

Also if you are on Twitter (and you should be) follow Michael @EWMichaelSlezak

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codi.susanne said...

you know i don't follow idol or celebrity news(much) BUT I adore your new background!! can't wait for tuesday!