Monday, January 25, 2010


SO back in summer 2008 when I joined my new gym, I bought personal training sessions that were 6x a month for a year. Well I had a hard time always getting scheduling to work with my fabulous trainer Danielle, plus holiday breaks and my crazy work summer, than I ended up still have extra after the year, but they don't expire until after 6 months of when your contract ends. Well I thought august 2009 I would stop getting billed for training and I could use mine up. Well it turns out I had to WRITE A LETTER to the company cancelling my training services. At around the same time my trainer Danielle tells me she is leaving the gym for a different job to make some more money and I get assigned a new trainer name Phillip. To make a LOOOOOONG story short, Phillip and I NEVER trained together, we played phone tag for like 6 weeks, with ME doing most of the calling. So finally in like mid October I tell Danielle's boyfriend Greg who is also a trainer about all this drama and he says he'll take me on as a client. YAY. So for like a month I was hardcore with Greg and he was really pushing me which I liked. Then we break for Thanksgiving and Christmas because it is SO crazy busy. So I get back to the gym the first week of January and I'm on my OH TEN fitness mission and look to schedule a training session with Greg. OH WAIT, the system tells me my remaining sessions expired. Umm that's 20 sessions aka like $300-$400 bucks right there kids. So I like storm over to the gym - having decided to be nice, but also stern (as much as I like yelling at people, it doesn't always get me places, nor does crying). So like 2 weeks ago I pretty much present my case about Phillip sucking at life and how I was really without a trainer for like 2 months. The guy I talked to say he's relay the message to his boss. In the mean time I printed off the dates of my expired sessions, examined my contract "evidence." Well as week goes by and I don't hear from the guy I talked to. So I see my old trainer Danielle (she still works out at my gym) and I'm telling her about everything, so she is like let's go up there and talk to the managers that are up there. I was ready to get into my story after Danielle gave them the brief overview and the manager is like "oh I was going to call you this week, no problem, we can give you your sessions back, don't worry about it." AYAYAYAYAYAY! This was last week and I was waiting for my session balances to show up on the booking website and today they DID. 20 beautiful session and they even gave me 6 months to use them - even though I plan on being hardcore and getting through them sooner. Regardless I am BEYOND PUMPED. I just called Greg to tell him the news so I think he's excited to kick my ass as well.

In other news I am 99% sure I am running a 5K in Washington, DC this May - but more on that later when I firm things up.

Another sidenote: I kind of binged the past 2 weeks since I was out of town and feel HELLA guilty about it, but I should have a pretty "normal" schedule for the next month, so I hope I can stay on track. However, I was in Atlanta this weekend and I got to go shopping at Trader Joes which was AWESOME picked up some REALLY great stuff.


Sarah said...

Way to kick butt! Those personal training sessions will definitely help in your goal for the year!

Kelly said...

correction, running a 5K in DC with KDUNK!!!!!