Monday, January 11, 2010

On a Lighter Note

For those of you who read this google reader you miss all my fun gadgets in my side column, but I understand (I just converted to google reader as well). However I encourage you to take a minute and head over to my blog page if you don't already go directly to my blog and VOTE in my "Cups of Coffee" Poll on the top right.

This past weekend I FINALLY went to Sips N Strokes. Sips N Strokes is a place where you can BYOB and paint a picture with an instructor - our painting that night was cherries, but they have ALL kinda of stuff.
I went with my friend new friend Melissa and we had a fantastic time. It was stressful and relaxing at the same time...the wine also helped, but also distracted me haha. All and all I think mine turned out pretty well!

Note: Yes I blurred out my signature on the bottom right

I am actually going to a Sips N Strokes party for my friend Katie party in 2 weeks so I'm excited for a crack at something new - we are doing flowers in a vase that week I believe.

Lastly, another goal for this year is to cut back tremendously on gossip blogs and facebook. I am a nosey body and love knowing everything, but at the same time facebook, perezhilton, etc are MAJOR time wasters and I need to focus as much as possible on my life and my goals that those distractions are wasteful. Looking back I checked facebook and perez FAR too much and often - I don't know if I will completely break the habit, but the more I can cut back the better. I am going to try and limit myself to twitter, people and entertainment weekly ( to the best of my abilities. By the way TWITTER is magical - seriously. I follow friends, celebs, websites etc. It really is like reading headlines because lots of tweets have links to articles. I think it's fantastic.

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codi.susanne said...

I gave up perez a couple of summers ago and I legit think I'm a nicer person because of it.
*by I may or may not still call them lindsay blowhand and amy crackhouse