Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wellness and Relaxation

Okay folks, last two questions that I answered for the book (see my first post). After that the real time "cathartic" moments can be posted and just int he nick of time since I turn the big 2-5 on Monday!

Question: Health and spirituality - staying happy through exercise, sports,spiritual things

My Response:
Join a gym. Again for the social aspect, but also for the eye candy. I would never join an all women's gym...where's the fun in that. Let me tell you though I just joined a new gym and it was quite a stressful process. In the past I either used the gym at the college I was at or last year a gym membership was part of my rent at my apartment so I've never had to "shop around" for gyms. Well after the year I had I really want to focus on being happy and healthy. So I want to be a "size healthy" to quote Queen Latifah in all the Jenny Craig commercials - I actually said that at my first gym consultation last week with a trainer, luckily he was amused. So once Orientation was over and my apartment was pretty settled I started looking into gyms 2 weeks ago. My 3 best options were a gym/community center and 2 Golds Gyms - one older and one that opened in January. So first I went to the gym/community center with one of my coworkers as a guest and it was cute...a little small, but it had a pool. Then I went online to print off a free day pass at a Golds gym that I was gonna use last week. Well the day after I print the pass I get a call from the Gym asking me when I was gonna come in and they could set up a meeting/tour. I thought it was a little pushy to be honest with you, but I did need a little kick start. So it turns out the Golds that called was the older Golds which was closer to my apartment. I like, but the guy I met with was so pushy, he wanted me to sign up that day sooo bad and he trashed talked the other gyms in town. I was super turned off, plus the parking lot was a little sketchy for my liking. So after my tour/free pass at using the older Golds gym I decided while I was in gym clothes I might as well check out the new Golds. The new Golds was across town - but it is closer to work. OMG the new Golds was B-E-A-utiful. Nice well lit parking lot, tons of cardio, machines, group exercise rooms. So I got my official tour of that gym and they also wanted to me sign that day, they weren't as pushy...but I knew how to play the game. I really did like that gym, but I was acting like I was on the they ended up giving me the 2nd tier gym package for the price of the lowest tier. I'm sure they do that often, but I hate that people don't push more. I like getting a deal...I can haggle when it comes to business folks because they are always looking to make a buck and usually they are charging you too much to begin with! I actually signed up for a personal trainer membership as well that I got for a STEAL. I was on the fence with 1x a week or 2x a week so they are giving me a combo with 2 weeks a month I got 2x and 2 weeks a month I got I still get a discount for going multiple times a week even though it reality only 2 weeks a month I'll go 2x a week. (did all of that make sense?)

Sadly my trainer is gonna be a girl (one summer in college I had a trainer and he was a much so I nicknamed him "The Adonis" and damn that man got me in the best shape of my life...mostly because I was extra motivated since there would be a hot man staring at me doing crunches or something. Sadly "The Adonis" didn't mix business with pleasure...despite my most bold efforts to convince him otherwise haha). Anyway the girl trainer seems cool and she's not like a size 2 barbie I don't think I'll want to punch her in the face as much when she is forcing me to do push ups or something horrid. If you offered me $100 for every push up I did...I would make about $150...sad I know. So we'll see how this gym adventure goes...I really want to get back into taking classes. I loved doing Yoga and "Butts and Guts" classes in college. I usually reward myself for a good week at the gym by allowing myself to like $5 worth of itunes's a pretty good motivator. Plus now that I have standing appointments with a trainer it will get me to the gym. It's not that I do like the gym, because I actually do once I'm's just the getting there that hard - I'm really good at making excuses. But I am serious about making life changes in terms of my mind, body and soul.

Speaking of soul,I mentioned in an earlier blog church can also be a good outlet spiritually, emotionally or socially. And I am on my spiritual kick. One of my friends told her boss about my "religious adventures" and the boss asked why don't I just google the religions instead of church hopping. 1. I am actually "googling" these religions first...I don't want to walk into the doors of a cult or a sketchy basement religion. Plus I also know what I don't want in a religion so I would rather not waste my time at a service if I know I don't want to be apart of it. Like I have no interest in "being saved." I know "being saved" is really special for people who have been "saved" but that is not my ideal type of belief. So really I am going to Churches to check out the the south there a multiple churches in a town for the same denomination. So if I do decided I like Methodist the best I need to decide which parish I want to belong to. This Sunday I'll be home so I will most likely go to the Catholic Church I went to growing up. Don't get my wrong I have a special relationship with that Church, but I don't agree with all the beliefs it has.

Question: cool vacations for 20-somethings

My answers:
Most post grad 20-somethings don't have a lot of money. So my best compromise is visiting friends from college who are living in cool places too! It's true gas prices or flights may cost some money cash, but if you visit friends you have a place to stay for free which helps! If I think about it right now I have friends in cool places like the DC, Boston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Chicago name a few. Not to mention that I'm from Long Island...aka 30 min train ride from NYC and a 10 minute drive to the beach. So even though I go "home" a lot...home is pretty cool. In fact when I'm home this weekend I'm gonna be up in New Haven, at the beach and hopefully make it into the city. All while eating good food and being exposed to tons of culture.

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