Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm on top of the world

Tuesday I was privileged enough to go on a tour of Samford's clocktower and belltower. Samford is Auburn's most iconic and beloved building. The views of campus were amazing. One really cool thing was the fact that we were standing next to the bell when the belltower chimed 5pm. It was SOOOO loud...I actually brought the video camera so I got some really cool footage. The really cool thing was going into the clocktower and seeing the signatures on the back of the clock faces. I was able to sign as well AKA I had some exclusive company with me on the clocks. One really cool thing about the clock faces is that the move so you can stand in front of the face. I'm not gonna lie I accidently licked the clock...I went to take a picture and fake lick the clock and my tongue make contact with the clock...haha. It's hard to explain how exciting it was go in Samford and what it meant.

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