Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I don't know about all of you, but when I'm doing random searches online I can get on extremely long tangents. In the past facebook was the the culprit, especially when looking through people's photos and I would keep linking to other people's albums which quickly would turn into 45 minutes later and you would forget how you even got started on this facebook frenzy.

Well as of lately I have a new online search that can keep me busy for hours at a time, wikipedia. Clearly I know wikipedia is nothing new, I first started using it in 2005. However my co-dependency on wikipedia is new. I find myself wiki-ing everything...often. I even have a wikipedia function on my internet explorer toolbar. What makes wikipedia so addictive is the fact that it continually links to itself. My example from yesterday, I wanted to wiki Seth Macfarlene and one thins in his bio mentioned how he was supposed to be on one of the 9/11 flights, but missed it. Well that lead me to read about the flight, flight 11, that he missed. Which then lead me to read about the other 3 flights and then lead me to just read about 9/11 as a whole. By the time I was done and fully had myself upset I got to thinking how did I even get started reading about 9/11...which made me realize that it was because of my wiki search of Seth Macfarlene an hour earlier. I know that wasn't the most pleasant "wikipedia relay" it was just the most current example. I have "wiki relays" on a regular basis.

Okay a less grim example...well this one coul be sad in my case, but sad in a funny way. So this weekend I FINALLY watched my Twilight DVD that I bought two weeks ago and didn't have time to watch. I must have rewatched a few scenes multiple times, squealing like a school girl each time. So obviously it was glorious. Then I watched the extended scenes that were cut. Then I watched the movie again, but with commentary from the director and from Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I am a tool I know, but I couldn't help myself. Anyway as I was watching the movie I was wiki-ing Twilight which would lead me to other mini "wiki relays" all good times. I also enjoy a good toggle between wikipedia and IMDB when it comes to movies, celebs, tv shows etc.

I'm sorry for the randomness of this post. I was up past midnight watching Seredipity on Bravo. I was flipping channels as I waited for my laundry to dry for a few more minutes and of course I got sucked into to Seredipity like 20 minutes into it. I've had a few late nights lately...no bueno. I'm really gonna try and be in bed at 10pm tonight after I watch American Idol! Don't worry I have an American Idol post in the works that I will be posting this week.

Later taters

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