Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disco Fever

I had a really exciting day, but I am going to blog about that tomorrow. I do however want to talk briefly about tonight's american idol. I too was sacred of the disco theme, but my fav 3 were ON FIRE. Kris totally shaking up "She works hard for the money" was awesome. I'm for sure a Kris fan. My girl Alison ROCKED "Hot Stuff" like no other...I can't get over her sick vocals. If I sounded like her I would never talk...I would sing everything musical style. If she doesn't make the top 3 I will seriously think about moving to Canada due to losing all faith in America. And then there was my "glam-bert" Adam. I again really liked his arrangement and the vulnerability. That boy totally took notes during David Cook's run weather he admits it or not. Adam is a fantastic performer, but I don't know what kid of cd he would do. That's it I'm going to go and look up Idol Tour tickets..it's an illness.

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