Monday, April 27, 2009


So Saturday I went horseback riding. Yes, you read that right. It actually wasn't terrible. The horse and cute and nice, but we all know I prefer my animals under 10 pounds. Somehow I gracefully got on the damn horse, that was really what I was most concerned about. The instructor lady told me I was a quick learner. I eventually took the reigns on my own and even trotted a bit. After like 2 hours on the horse apparently it got tired and laid down...WITH ME ON IT...which apparently is like super dangerous. Luckily the horse laid down slowly and I was able to like tuck and roll off and away from the horse. Imagine after like a successful lesson and I ride I had a 900 pound horse roll over on me...good Lord. While in Alabama I figure, I gotta do what the locals do. I can check horseback riding off the list.

I also MUST mention that my DAVID COOK concert is NEXT Monday. I am trying not to think about it tooooo much or else I won't be able to concentrate on work!

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dgines said...

OH jenn! You crack me up! I've been riding since I was 8 and I've never had a horse lie down before, girl you are just meant to have adventures! :) Hope things are still going well in the big AL.

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