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OK, I'm good. Well good enough to type. I literally was about to open to finish up my American Idol season 8 post when instead I went to look at Facebook and check my David Cook fan group that I am an avid follower of (and no I don't care that you are probably judging me for it) when I see a post about how David is doing a show at his Alma I decided to check to see if he is adding any more dates and I am skimming the dates and see ATHENS, GA on MAY 4th and link that says Get Tickets...before I could even think I clicked the link. I double checked to see how far Athens was...3 hours...DO-ABLE, even on a Monday night for my Cookie. So for 15 bucks a piece I am the proud owner for 2 David Cook Tickets for a show LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY...oh my I got short of breath again. Now I need to drag someone along to the show since I don't know too many Cookie lovers down here, BUT I am POSITIVE that they will be a Cook Convert after the show. May 4th will be 9 months to the day since I last saw him at the American Idols tour on my birthday.

Okay I will try and focus on my other post now...keep in mind I wrote the beginning of this post prior to the magicalness that has become this morning.

So as you should all know by now I love David Cook - the winner of last season's American Idol. I watched the first season of Idol from the very beginning, it was randomly on television and was really happy when Kelly Clarkson won. The reason I was really able to watch season one was because it was on during the summer. I was always too busy during the school year to watch idol. I saw a few episodes from time to time. I remember watching the last 2 or 3 episodes of season six, but made no plans to watch season seven. Well my mom got hooked during season one when I first discovered it. Well last year a few episodes into season seven my mom calls me to tell me about this sexy guy on the show with a gorgeous mouth. So I tune in to check it out and it's Mr. David Cook. I was yeah yeah he's cute..had horrible hair, most likely covering up being really bald. I totally remember thinking that. So I saw the episode he performed "Hello" and was intrigued. I don't think I tuned in for the next week or two but I remember hearing all the buzz over his version of Billy Jean during top 10 week. So it was soon after - March 29th actually (yes I am sad, but I journal so I am able to look back at dates) I youtubed all of his prior performances and was a changed woman - and thankfully his hair got MUCH better as the show progressed.

Well as much as I loved David Cook I also loved "judging" the contestants myself so I told myself I would watch this season of idol...even though I would not have another love like David I wanted to pick my favorites and see where they would land in the end. I remembering hearing a lot of pre-idol buzz about Lil Rounds, Danny and Adam. I actually liked Danny from his auditions and first few hollywood rounds, but once he got to the top 13 I steadily began loathing him. Lil has been rather unimpressive since the top 13 as well. I thought Alexis was great from the get go - I bought a few of her songs on itunes. I was sad to see her go after one bad-ish song although she was still better than others by a mile (Michael, Scott, Megan). I fear this week that Kris may pay the price for a one bad song, he has been slowly gaining momentum - I even bought his Ain't No Sunshine itunes. Lets talk about the 2 contestants that I am rooting for and would love to see them in the finale (even though I fear it won't happen) Adam and Allison. Adam has a lot of buzz early on so I paid attention to him in the early rounds and then saw how the powers that be have "pimped" him all season (I love the use of the work pimping when I read Idol blogs/articles). Adam has an awesome theatrical voice, my concern is a lot of broadway folks never make it in mainstream music...perfect example the amazing pipes of Adam Pascal. I am highly disappointed that the itunes version of Tracks of my Tears is not the stripped version he did on the show. Adam is very enteraining and I love his dragqueen style. You never know what you are gonna get with Adam and it keeps it exciting. I would most likely go see Adam in concert, but I wouldn't know what a cd from him would look like. The person whose cd I would for sure get is the the highly UNDERRATED Allison. WTF I don't understand how she has been in the bottom three twice already...that's crap. I think she has an amazing voice, can work a stage like no one's business and is sassy taboot. If Allison isn't AT LEAST the top 5 I am going to lose all faith in Idol voters. I have bought all of Allison's itunes songs and they are fantastic. Love you Allison...Save the ROCKER!

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