Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I had a rather productive weekend I must admit. I would say the highlight was washing, waxing and detailing my car for like 3 hours on Sunday. I'm not gonna lie it was like the hardest I've ever worked, but also really rewarding. My car looks bangin'. I even bought all kinds of special cleaning things for it. I've had my car for over a year now and this was the first time I really cleaned it - not that my car is ever a mess, but I love it looking brand new.

I also did some shopping this weekend for a "Back to School" outfit. Yes I know I am no longer in school and that I haven been working for a while, but yesterday was the first day for students. I ended up getting an awesome 9 West separates from TJMaxx for cheap. $40 for a BEAUTIFUL jacket that retailed at $160 and sweet wide leg trousers for $30 which retailed at $70. I heart TJMaxx...I didn't have one nearby in Texas and it was torture. Now if only I could find a home goods.

I also was a machine going to the gym Fri, Sat and Sun...my goal is to go 4 days a week so Fri and Sat counted toward last week and Sun counts towards this week. I am really enjoying my gym and my trainer. I am feeling stronger already and I'm starting to lost some weight as well! The cool thing has been changing up my diet and how I pair food groups together as well as eating more frequently. My sister has been super helpful with recipes and ideas as well.

I also got a mani/pedi FINALLY. The last one I had was in Mid-June...horrifying I know. I was just so busy I never got around to it. For the record I love pedicures...I like my feet so I like them to look cute, plus I like open toe shoes. Getting manicures helps me from biting my nails, a habit I had for a loooong time that I've been pretty sucessful as breaking the past few years as long as I keep them manicured. I like "long nails" not claws, but I like when the tip of my figernail can like touch the desk is I put my fingers against it (does that make sense or do I just sound crazy...which is also true). The best part of the mani/pedi was that it was only $25 and I was in and out in under 45 minutes. In CT and TX I had a hard time finding mani/pedis for under like $35 which is strange because in NY I could get them for $20 or $15 if it was Mon-Wed. So at the moment my fingers and toes are a purple-y magenta.

Also this weekend I got back into the the "hunt for a new denomination" I woke up at ::gasp:: 10:15am on Sunday (consider the fact that I slept til 1pm on Saturday) to go to a Presbyterian service. I really enjoyed it...one of the pastors (a woman) was really cool and it seems there is a lot of leadership opportunities there. I think I would like to get involved with a church that would let me work with young people in some sort of leadership role. I think once I do a go round of all the churches and I narrow it down a bit I might set up a meeting with the pastor/reverend/etc to further explore things so I know I am making the right decision.

Speaking of decisions I've come to a new one. Improv. I still very much want to take a class, but I really don't think the Fall is the best time for me. I have my sister and my friend coming back to back weekends in Sept plus I have a conference in Oct...all of which would cause me to miss Improv class. Plus I am serious about this church thing and I don't want to commit to an Improv class that would interfere with Church. I was really torn about Improv because it will be a nice outlet and a way to meet people, BUT today in one of the daily university new updates we get via e-mail I saw Community Courses sponsored through the University Outreach Program and looked at the offerings. I was drawn to a dog obedience class and some writing courses. Based on time the classes are offered and some other factors I ended up signing up for a Novel writing class. The description is "Join a constructive, fun-filled forum that will stimulate creativity. Organize that great novel that has been running around in your head and put it on paper. Learn about plot, style, mechanics, and other essentials. Peer critique and encouragement are wonderful features of the class. A published novelist who is an award-winning author teaches this class." The class meets for 8 sessions on Mondays from 6pm-8pm starting Sept 15. I have NO idea who is going to be in the class or if I will be able to organize my thoughts enough for this class, but I have been writing for a loooong time. Ideally I'd like to write a play, so I think this course would give me a good jumping off point. So between the journals I've been keeping for over 10 years and my various blogs I think I will have plenty of fodder I just don't know what direction to go in...hopefully this class can help me. Who knows maybe I can add NY Times Best Seller to my list of accomplishments one day haha. I'm just happy I can find creative outlets that I've been so desperate for, but in the spring I realllly want to take Improv classes and hope it all works out.

One thing I was trying to add to my blog posts were "currently listening" updates like they have on myspace...but I can't find a setting to do that, so I guess I'll do it old fashion way.

Currently Listening to:
Brooke White(Yes from American Idol) who I was never a fan of but her covers of "Yellow", "Love is a Battlefield" and "Let it Be" are great...so I suggest taking a listen:

Also I have been listening to the UK band Muse. As I've written I've been reading the Twilight Saga and the authors constantly mentions in her "Thank Yous" Muse for being exactly that a sort of muse for her and her writing. So check out Muse:

Below are also Stephenie Meyer - the author of Twilight's playlist for each of the books...they set the mood for each chapter for the most part. There is a TON of great music on all those playlists which I have been listening to constantly since I found them this weekend:


It's funny that Radiohead's Creep is on the first playlist...that song has been popping up left and right since I first got into it a few months ago(so what if it was a decade after it was released). My favorite lines from that song are:
"I don't care if it hurts,
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul"

Maybe because I'm on that quest for gain control of my life after feeling I lost control in the months follow my dad's death (it was 9 months yesterday - it feels like just yesterday and like 100 years ago at the same time). I just want to be healthy physically and spiritually...I don't need perfection like the song state per say, I just want what's right for me. I should also mention that David Cook's old bank Axium does an phenomenal cover of "Creep" and that's actually how I first got into it.
Below is a montage to David Cook's version of Creep. I adore his version.

Well I have rambled on enough for today.

Leave some comments though...I'm an insecure writer who wants to feel loved!

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