Thursday, September 30, 2010

New York Bound (Hopefully)

This week I am been busy at work and have been extra swamped since I am leaving early today and taking off tomorrow for Nueva York.

However Tropical Storm Nicole is trying to mess up my plans. Luckily it seems the strength of the storm has fizzled, but there is still rain. Most of it looks west of New York, but we all know how airport delays pile up and my flight isn't until 7:40pm. So I'm stressed, I just want to be in New York and get my long weekend hassle free.

You'd think I'd be worried about the half marathon, but truth be told I'm not. I'm worried about the DAMN WEATHER.

This week I had such a crazy work week that I had to pack and make my playlist last night - both tasks took longer than I would have liked. I'm only packing a carry on and a backpack. I am a chronic over-packer so I have to weed through my pile of stuff I "wanted to bring" twice until it was a reasonable amount. I also didn't want to pack my bag to capacity because I am *HOPING* my mom sees how stupid big most of my clothes are on me now and buys me a few items - therefore I need room to bring them home with me. It's weird how my suitcase is like 60% running stuff and 40% non-running stuff. I have 2 little runs I plan to do - one of Friday and one on Saturday then of course RACE DAY SUNDAY.

I made my race playlist - added a FEW new songs, but mainly stuck with songs I've run to in the past and I know how I react to. So my 2.6 hour (in itunes time) playlist consists of 44 songs. I'm hoping to finish the race in under 2:30:00 so really that's like 37 songs. Again not worried about the run, but to think that I'll be running for 37 straight songs is a cool way to measure it. I have to admit like 6 of the songs are David Cook songs (I know you're judging me and I don't care).

OK must get back to work, but I hope to write some blog posts at the aiport on my flight and post them today/tomorrow/Saturday. Plus look forward to a full race recap next week, but I'm sure on Sunday I'll post a little sumthin' sumthin'

Wish me safe and on time travels!

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codi.susanne said...

I'm surprised 37 songs aren't david cook. have fun, I'll be thinking about you!!