Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Weekend

This weekend was not a restful one.

I served as a facilitator for a leadership conference on campus that was Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning/afternoon. I was both excited for it and dreaded it. Luckily once I got there I was into it. I heart freshmen students, they are so precious.

Saturday following the conference was Cooper's baby shower. I spent about 5 hours at the Armstrong casa for the party, but luckily I work with such wonderful people that I enjoyed every second of it despite being exhausted.

Sunday morning I went out for an 11 mile run which was just about the only time I had to myself this weekend (besides sleep). I have really grown to love my long runs, I can both think about everything and nothing at all. Those 2+ hours that I'm out on a long run are some of the fastest hours of my week.

Sunday afternoon we had a CWE and SOS publicity blitz. AKA start plastering campus with ads to apply for a Camp Counselor or Orientation Leader. Lots of painting, drawing, gluing, folding and button making was also had.

Sunday night was the True Blood finale which was a pretty major let down. I think outside of the YUM that is Eric this season was pretty ho hum which is extremely disappointing because we only get 12 episodes and season and have to wait 10 months for season 4. I think this season was a "building year" and I do have high hopes for season 4 when it premieres in May 2011.

So yeah that was my weekend in a nutshell. This weekend I plan on doing some shopping, sleeping, swimming/tanning and watching Auburn kick some Clemson ass (and watch the jumbotron commerical I made on the big screen).

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Chris Landry said...

TOTALLY agree about True Blood... It would have been much more amazing to end with Russell and the spinal cord scene! However, you'll be very happy to know that I'm halfway through the books (in the middle of Definitely Dead now) and can see where they may be heading with the show. So excited to see Eric get cursed!