Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dublin Marathon 2011

I was just gchatting with my sister about my 1/2 marathon and we were talking about her NYC 1/2 marathon she did last year (a friend got injured and my sister had 5 weeks to train and be ready to take her spot). She ran it like like 2:50:00 which is amazing considering she was only a casual runner.

Anyway she told me about the Dublin Marathon and how it apparently is one of the flattest courses in the world.

Oh and the race is on HALLOWEEN. COME ON!

I have not traveled outside of the US before. My 2009 Resolution was to get a passport - which I did. My plan was to travel in 2010, but I feel like this year has been so devoted to heath and fitness. So maybe 2011 can be my travel year. As you know Ireland has been the on the top of my to-do list.

I’ve talked about Ireland for almost a year, but keep making excuses about money or work or whatever. This gives my a over a year to be ready for a full marathon with hopefully a few varying distance races/triathlon in between and gives my sister a year to start training, plus I want to rope in my friend Kelly who I have talked going to Ireland with and I roped her into a 5K with me in May. And also a year for all of us to save $$$.

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codi.susanne said...

ballin! maybe you'll meet a super fine irish fellow like hillary street...but without the heart-wrenching ending.