Thursday, September 23, 2010

Triathlete in Training

A couple of weeks ago I saw during a Student Organization Fair that Auburn has a Triathlon Club. I was too intimindated to go talk to them at their table and I meant to look them up. Well yesterday I finally did. The club is open to students, faculty, STAFF and even the community. They have various training groups like 6x a week. I left a message through their contact page and got a response with the hour! The guy was very supportive and invited me to come out to a practice. So next week I think I'm headed to SWIM practice.

I know that if I have a group to train with, teach me and support me that I can totally do a Triathlon this spring.

So yesterday I went out and bought some necessary "gear"
*Padded cycling shorts
*4 pairs of dri fit socks
*Dri fit compression tights (I may return them because honestly it’s still too damn hot here to wear them anytime soon)
*3 dri fit running tops on clearance for $2.88 each
*Puma short sleeve running hoodie on clearance for $2.88
*Goggles, nose clip, swim cap
*Ear buds (dog chewed on old ones that still work, but worried about them not working for my half marathon)
*Various Energy Gels

I still need to get a proper swimsuit - I don't think my tankinis are going to cut it. I also really need a bike. Luckily I found out that the City of Auburn allows people to "check out bikes" for two week period for FREE. So I am going to look into that ASAP when I get back after my half marathon.

Speaking of my half...I am SOOOO excited. Like no joke. Next week at this time I'll be headed to the airport. I GOT this half. I'm just looking forward to a long run and the high associated with race day. Plus not sure if I mentioned that I'm doing another half marathon on 10/30 in New Orleans. Yeah I'm crazy I know, but you know what if you got it, flaunt it and right now I have the ability to run 13 miles so I'm gonna!

I really may add a "donate" button to this blog incase anyone wants to contribute to my triathlon training supplies and race fees! So in anyone or anyone's company wants to "sponsor" me I wouldn't turn you down.

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Katie Doc Stach said...

WHERE did you get these great deals on your gear!