Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24's Friday Five

1. As per my plan to "Measure My Year in Cups of Coffee" I hit my 300th cup yesterday. You may not be impressed, but my "cup" is usually in the form of a venti from Starbucks thanks. My stats should increase quickly since I'll be in New York next weekend and enjoy my beloved Dunkin Donuts - I'm coming for you Pumpkin Iced Coffee!

2. I saw this quote on my friends Facebook the other day and it has really made me think "If someone wants to be a part of your life, they will make an effort to be in it." So true, so true...

3. I've been listening to a good mix of tunes lately - most notably: Florence + The Machine, New Kids on the Block, Regina Spektor and I'm hoping to pick up the new Maroon 5 album this weekend.

4. I recently got in contact with my college friend Mike to recommend my sister for a job at his company. Mike was someone I was never very close with, but we ran in the same circles and I've always admired him. So when my sister emailed Mike about the job and said I recommended her to apply, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Mike said "I have always had respect for your sister and think she is good people." I know it sounds lame, but Mike is probably one of the most successful people I know and he is truly going places in life so coming from him I take that as a HUGE compliment. My sister is meeting with Mike today for an informal interview. FINGERS CROSSED.

5. So Blogspot is FINALLY catching up with technology and added a "stats" feature so you can see who reads your blog, page hits, keyword search entry points etc. Well it turns out that "Redneck Bingo" is what has led MANY people to my blog. Awkward?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Chris Landry said...

The new Maroon 5 is good-- different from their previous albums, but a solid effort!

Kelly said...

i don't just want to be part of your life, i want to BE your whole life! what kind of effort does that take? i'm thinking serious stalking/borderline obsession. DONE

Sarah said...

I love being part of your life even if it only consists of catching up with each other via blog, sometimes!

Good luck this weekend with the 1/2 marathon, I can't wait to hear how you do!