Friday, September 3, 2010

Some of those Ups and Downs

So while I was home in NY I had 2 job interviews. After one of the interviews I withdrew as a candidate because I knew it wasn't right for me. The second interview on the other hand have SO MUCH GOING FOR IT. Money, locations, responsibilities, supervision etc. There was also some really negative things about the job/institution, but I wasn't letting myself focus on that. As it turns out I didn't get the job, but it's really for the best. The job wasn't right AND I'm not ready to leave Auburn just yet. I've had starting a job sometime in Spring 2011 in my head for a looong time. I want another football season, I want to be here for publicity/selections, I want to be here to hang out with Melissa's newborn son Cooper, I want to attend my dear friend Codi and Jim's wedding, I want to make and check things off my Alabama "bucket list" and spend more time with the wonderful people in my life down here.

I know that the northeast is home and will be my home again, so I need to stop worrying about getting back there and just soak up this little slice of heaven better known as Auburn, Alabama.

So since I decided to focus on living life in Auburn I made a rash decision when I found out I didn't get that job. Like joined a free dating website. The funny thing is the day AFTER I joined the stupid site I met someone out the old fashioned way. So in the past week I've gone out with 3 guys...ooopps (hate the player, not the game). Only 2 have made the it past the first cut. I'm gonna stay pretty mum with details on here right now, but we shall see.

Speaking of ups - Tomorrow is Auburn's first home football game. Let me tell you:
(to the tune of the sound of music) "The plains are aaaaaaaalive with the colors of ooooorange"

Everywhere you look people in their ORANGE and blue. The RVs are here, the tailgaters a recurrently claiming their spots and there is an intoxicating buzz in the air. Today is like Christmas Eve and I can't wait for tomorrow and seeing that eagle fly along with 87,451 of the SECs best fans.

War Damn Eagle

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codi.susanne said...

SO glad to have you here for a while - I'm up for checking things off the Alabama bucket list! Apparently there is an AL Wine trail? We need a real date soon so I can hear all about your dates, foxy lady!!