Monday, June 7, 2010


So basically Camp War Eagle has owned my life for the past joke. Don't get me wrong I LOVE it, but I'm looking forward to a week without Camp. We are in the middle of session 3 which was a back to back session with session 2. After tomorrow I am Camp free until June 16! I'll still need to come into work, but I'll get to actually clean my office, work on some other projects and sift through my hot mess of an inbox.

Really the only other thing outside of Camp that I've had time to do is work out, but it's because I've MADE the time. Waking up early to run, missing pool time to go the gym, working out when I'm tired etc. I wish I've had more pool time, but it seems the past 2 weeks that anytime I've had a day off it has rained!

Running is going well however. I signed up for a 10K in Nashville on the 4th of July and I am pretty pumped. I'm turning it into a whole weekend. I also officially started half marathon training last week. The plan is to do a half marathon in September...more info on that to come once I finish the 10K. I actually got up this morning at 6am to do a running tour of campus that we offer for parents. I had an 13 hour day yesterday and a 17 hour day today, but I needed to run, so I did it. I also got my ass kicked by a bunch of 50 yer old parents, but whatever...I'm a new runner. Everyday I run is the hottest day I've ever run in...especially in June in Alabama. I hope to continue to work on breathing control in this heat (yes even at 6:30am)!

Also on a random sidenote a Publix opened in town last week and I went this past weekend, it is glorious. TONS of great food that regular supermarkets down here don't carry. I lost my mind a bit and spent too much money, but it was SOO worth it.

I must get going to a staff meeting. Hope to blog more in the interium between camp sessions!

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