Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heaven and Hell

The past few days I've had a bit of both.

Heaven: I had my 1 hour massage yesterday. My last massage was last July, I can't believe I went that long without one. It was glorious, my body needed it especially after all the running and training I've been doing lately. I got my massage at the Med Clinic on campus so it was $60 for the hour - not too shabby. I may try and do 30 minute massages every other month or so - we shall see.

Hell: I mean Hell in the best way possible. Sunday was the Season 3 premiere of True Blood! Last summer i was completely immersed in True Blood. I got addicted to season 1 just in time to watch season 2 (via jenky online websites) and read all 9 Sookie Stackhouse books. Well I'm glad I get get my fix back. I'm currently reading the 10th Sookie book that came out and it's like reuniting with old friends. I was really pumped about the Season 3 premiere - I feel like each season is getting better and better. However I had hoped to watch the premiere at my grad assistant's place since she has HBO, but she as out of town for the weekend. I plead my case on facebook and luckily my friend Ashley is a fan and invited me over. It was great to watch it on a big flatscreen HD tv with surround sound and it was REALLY fun to watch it with other people to comment with. We actually were pretty quiet during the premiere, but then we REWATCHED it right after thanks to DVR and commented throughout. VERY FUN! I excited to have True Blood be my major summer show. TEAM ERIC!


codi.susanne said...

do you have season 2? I'm SO behind!

Jenniac said...

sadly i havent had the money cash latelt to invest the $40 in season 2, but once and i get it and rewatch it you will be the first to get it after me.