Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'll Tumble for You

Another blog post for me...WHOA! I know, with work calming down I can write more yay. Well this is a tale from a week ago that I thought I'd share. It was a rainy day in Auburn and I was going home for lunch. I changed out of cute work sandals into flip flops for the walk to my car. As soon as I walk out my office I almost bust my butt on the brick outside. Whoa crisis averted. So I walk towards the parking lot and go to cross the street in the crosswalk right in front a cop car and a few other cars and one step into the white painted cross walk and I BITE IT. Slip and fall to my hands and knees. I'm embarrassed, wet and bruised. It takes a second for me to stand up due to the shock of falling. The cop rolls down his window and asks if I'm okay. I saw I'm fine, but really I'm horrified. I kick off my damn flip flops and walk to my car barefoot. The ONE thing I'm thankful for is the fact that I had my phone in my purse. I NEVER have it in my purse, I usually carry it as I walk to my car. Seriously if it was in my hand and I fell I would haven't broken my phone hardcore.

So luckily I was fine, but ever since I've taken up running I'm like terrified of getting hurt and not being able to run. I've never broken a bone or gotten stitches and I feel like it's too late in life to start. Did anyone else like desperately hope for glasses, braces and/or a broken bone in grade school? I like purposely wanted to fail eye exams or throw myself down stairs (not really) because all the "cool kids" aka NOT ME had at least one of those three things. I ended up with none of them. I'm not complaining, but I feel like I missed out on a right of passage.

These says all I want are some veneers for my teeth instead. Anyone want to sponsor them for me. They are about $700 a tooth. Let me know!


codi.susanne said...

Let's start the 'No Broken Bones Club' I'll let you be president.

Jenniac said...

love it

Katie Doc Stach said...

So yes, I'm just now reading this and catching up. BUT, do not fear! Every person who has walked in those darn crosswalks in Auburn, while raining, has slipped, fallen, or the like. Ask anyone-they are EVIL!!!