Sunday, July 25, 2010


I am still working on my July in Review post, but in the mean time I wanted to talk about 2 things I fancy as of lately.

-Work of Art: The Next Great Artist on Bravo

-Bob Dylan

Work of Art really may be my new favorite reality show. The cast are such art snob hipsters. I freakin LOVEEEEE IT. The challenges are good and the "villians" are better. Seriously if you are not watching it you really should.

Bob Dylan, well as of yesterday. I watched Prefontaine the biopic of runner Steve Prefontaine played by Jared Leto. What a legend in his own time he was, too bad his life was cut tragically short to see what could have been. I suppose the brightest stars are the first to fade. The closing credits of the movie features Bob Dylan's "Forever Young." I don't know it SPOKE to me. If I die young (and sometime I think I really will) than I want this song played at my funeral. I have listened to this song 20+ times since yesterday.

Apparently Mr. Dylan doesn't like his music online because this was hard to track, not the best version, but still check it out.

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