Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blame Camp

I'm alive....barely. Camp War Eagle is wrapping up this week and life is la vida loca. I can't believe session 8 of Camp is upon us, so crazy. I will talk more about camp at a later date, but I did want to quickly say that my Nashville trip was PHE-wait for it-NOMENAL. Phenomenal.

Great Friends - Sara, Star, Travis & other fun new Auburn Friends

Great Music - Live bands 24/7, dueling piano bars, and me singing karaoke

Great Fun - Nashville Tour, Art Walk, Robert is Bothered, Lots of Laughs

And a Great Race Day - I did my 10K in 1:09:19 - it was an awesome run, I felt so great!

I hope I can expand a bit more on my trip next week following session 8 and both of our Camp Banquets. Lots of tears and also a lot of fun ahead :)

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