Friday, October 16, 2009

I Miss Autumn

This week at work had been totally crazy busy for many reasons, but most likely because I took Monday off for a trip up North. And oh what a trip it was. I was flying up for my friend's wedding shower and to see my bestie. It turned into quite a travel extravaganza. There were so many little aspects of the trip to plan to make it work that I ended up having to take a 6am flight out of Birmingham which meant I needed to leave my place at 3am - therefore had to wake up at 230am. The night before I forced myself to go to bed at 7pm (I didn't sleep super well, but I got a good bit). The 2 hour drive to Birmingham wasn't much fun, especially thanks to heavy fog and critters.

The travel was worth it in the end because my friend's wedding shower was superb and very elegant. It was so good to see Jenn and celebrate with her.
After the shower Colleen and Kyle picked me up and we drove up to Rhode Island. I love Autumn in New England, the leaves and foliage were beautiful. That night despite having been up since 230am I went out on the town. I was too tired I was delirious and mixing that with some alcohol was a sloppy combination.

The next day Colleen and I went to her family's place outside of Boston to watch the Patriots game which luckily they won. I got to catch up with a bunch of Rhode Island peeps the rest of the night...good times.

Monday we did some shopping and got lunch at Friendly's...yum! I forgot to mention that I drank a TON of Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee!! The travel home was less fun since I had nearly missed my connection...I got to the gate 10 minutes before we took off-i had that stress, especially since I was in the airport I just got wrapped up in a phone call.

My friend Codi babysat Freddie and they had a glorious time bonding while I was away. Good times had by all!

Since I've been back in Alabama it's been rainy and gross. Boo to the lack of good Autumn weather.

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