Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well Hello October

Wow September flew by...usually they drag. BUSY BUSY around here. Trying to cut through my to-list at the moment. Tomorrow we are hosting a state-wide orientation conference so I really won't be in the office. Then this weekend I am off to Connecticut & Rhode Island. I'm going to my friend Jenn's wedding shower. I'm not able to go to the wedding, but I really wanted to see her and congratulate her so I'm glad I can attend the shower. Then I'm spending the rest of the weekend with Colleen!

Listen to my crazy travel plans. My flight leaves at 6am on Sunday from Birmingham. 6am that means I am waking up at 2am blah. However with a layover I won't get to CT until Noon which is when I needed to be there. My plan is to go to sleep when I get home from work tomorrow - we'll see how that works out. I did buy the 9th Sookie Stackhouse book to read so I will be all caught up. I also bought the new Dan Brown book, but I don't anticipate starting that til at least next week.My fabulous friend and fellow blogger Codi will be walking and feeding Freddie while I'm away. He really hates the kennel so since it's only 3 days I think he can manage for the most part. Plus I bought him this awesome piece of raw hide that I'm SURE will keep him busy.

After work today I'm getting a haircut. My friend (and also fellow blogger too) Michelle gave me a gift certificate she got for a free haircut/shampoo/blow out because she didn't want to cheat on her hairdresser. I have no problem cheating, plus it's just a cut. I'll go back to my new girl in town for color in November - and since my hair is so dark these days I'm going to have her put in a couple of dark blue pieces which I am really excited about!

I gave my blog a minor facelift to go with the new season. Fall is here - it means hot tea/coffee, soup, sweaters wahoo!

P.S. Last weekend my fabulous friend Natalie aka Natty Lite came to visit from Atlanta and we had a blast catching up, going out (The Velro Pygmies were in town and I managed to catch their attention a time or two ::wink::) and ever scored free tickets to the game (we only stayed til halftime because it was rainy and gross, plus we were killing Ball state).

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