Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DC in DC

I am swamped at work this week, but I fully intend on writing a proper blog entry this weekend, but I do want to take a moment and say how magical and satisfying running in the Race for Hope 5K was. I truly would love to run in it every year.

Race day actually did not start off as well as I planned. We hadn't slept enough, drank too much alcohol and not enough water the night before, I "snoozed" on my alarm 30 minutes longer than I wanted to and I was tweaking out too hard to eat.

I knew Dave (David Cook for those of you who don't know him like I do) was going to be greeting his team members at 8am and we were told to get there at 7:45. Yeah well we don't get to freedom plaza until like 7:58 (I'm like panicking). We like try and figure out where to go and we cross over to the plaza when I spot HIM crossing the street like right towards us. HOLY MELTDOWN BATMAN. All I wanted was to like see Dave from away afar, I really wasn't expecting him all in my business. Just as we like closing in on him 2 girls stop him for a picture. My friend is like trying to push me towards him, but I can't. I really think I was in shock, and also I LOOKED like I got hit by a train since we rushed to get ready and get there. My friend Kelly was taking pictures of him for mean, even though she wanted to take pictures of me staring at him/having an inner battle if I should get a pic with him or not. Am I bummed that I didn't carpe diem...kinda, but I also know what a hot mess I looked that day and I wouldn't be able to blew the picture up into wall-sized art. Dave and I will have our day and it will be perfection, I am sure of it. However I am happy to report that Dave is TALLER than me (I have always had major concerns). I'd say he's 5'10.5 - 5'11 which is find by me...I'm sure with his boots on he's 6'.

Anyway fast forward through about an hour of Dave watching and getting a picture with his younger brother Andrew. Fun pic with Andrew - he look adorable, I look a hot mess, which again further validated my decision to not get a picture with Dave.

More about the Race itself coming soon as well as my other vacay adventures!

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