Thursday, September 4, 2008

Election Season!

Clearly this year's election has been on everyone's mind for a while, if we're being honest probably since Bush was re-elected in 2004. I must say that the contest between Obama and Clinton was insanely exciting this Spring...I serious loved watched votes roll in and see who would nab the most delegates. I just find it to be an exciting time in politics now. Women and African Americans are finally being taken seriously in the race for Presidency or Vice Presidency.

Even with Palin, it's exciting that she's on the Republican ticket...I have lots of concerns about Palin herself, but at the same time a woman or an African American is going to be in office.

I'm honestly sick of the good ol' boys system and look where it's gotten us. The economy is in the garbage, education is a mess, unnecessary wars, and don't get me started on health care.

Back when I was in college one of the paths I seriously considered was political focused journalism. I'm very wary of politics and I truly believe the media does play an important role in the checks and balances system of the government.

I'm seriously such a news junkie...which has proven difficult since I still haven't gotten around to getting cable yet, but God bless the Internet and youtube. Also in iTunes you can subscribe for free to the DNC and RNC channels to see all the speeches.

I am so excited to vote, I voted in 2004 although I really think that election was choosing between the lesser or two evils. I refer to myself of Liberally Independent. I have some traditional Republican views and some Democratic views. So I really want to do my best to make an informed decision and what I do want is change - and just Bush leaving the White House will help a lot, but is McCain more of the same or can Obama deliver this "change" he keeps talking about...I'm not sure.

Almost 2 months exactly 'til election should be an exciting. I do enjoy the skeletons in the politician's closets (an boy have there been some doozy's lately), but I really look forward to being further educated (hopefully) about what they can do for me.

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