Monday, September 15, 2008

Rock the Vote

One of the things on my mental to do list was register to Vote in Alabama since I was registered in Connecticut for the last election. For some reason I had it in my head I needed an Alabama license to vote, so I had been planning to get my Alabama license this month. Well this weekend I went to Woofstock with Freddie - a dog festival if you will in a town park. It was cute, but Freddie mostly barked at all the dogs. At Woofstock there was the League of Alabama Women Voters and they were registering people to vote so I asked them about not having my license yet and they said as long as I had an address here and a social security number I didn't need an Alabama license. Which by the way all makes sense because I had a New York License when I voted in Connecticut - I just happened to be living in Connecticut at the time. So yay I registered to vote! Voting is such an important right to take advantage of - despite the mess of the electoral colleges. However I still plan to get an Alabama license this month so I am less "illegal" even thought I still have Texas plates on my car and it's registered in Texas...opps!

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