Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends...

I'm really not a fan of September...I've had a bunch of terrible Septembers over the past few years. November is quickly catching up to be more awful. I used to think I liked Fall, but now I find it mostly depressing. The vibrancy of summer is over (yes I know technically Fall starts near the end of September, but for those of us in school or who work at schools - summer ends in late August/Early Sept.

I guess the only good thing about the fall is college football...and I guess working at a Division I SEC school doesn't hurt. I actually went to the game this weekend and it was very exciting. I love all the tradition Auburn has - the eagle circling the stadium, Aubie, tiger walk, Toomer's Corner etc. However tailgating wasn't as fun...mostly because after driving around for an hour looking to park anywhere remotely close to campus I decided to park practically back at my apartment and walk. Luckily as a New Yorker I don't mind walking blocks at a time - but doing it in 95 degree weather was less fun. Despite the parking debacle (what else is new) it was good times. We shut out the other other team and did I mention I sat in the front row...so basically my view was of all the backs of the Auburn football players, but nonetheless good times.

I just really hope my September isn't as terrible as it usually is. At least I have visitors coming for 2 games in September which will be excellent.

Well since I have yet another 4 day work week I better get crackin'!

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