Sunday, November 9, 2008

No I didn't fall off the face of the earth

Wow it's almost been 2 weeks since I posted...shame on me

Since I anticipate this being a long blog may I start you off with some background reading music...a preview of David Cook's debut cd that comes out it 2 has 30 second clips of each of his songs and I must say they are all good, but I have some favs already I think. So enjoy some "Cookie" while you read

Shockingly I had a easy travel day to Boston and even saw Hildi from Trading Spaces in the airport...random I know. It was fab to be in Boston, I love cities. I only sorta know Boston, but it's funny how certain things you will remember even years later. I tried to go to sleep early, but I was SO into the book I was reading on the plane, it about a murder of a baby in am Amish community, it's called Plain Truth and it's by Jodi Piccoult...really good book.

I went to Boston for a national Orientation conference and a pre-conference for new professionals. I love conferences - it's nice to meet new people, exchange ideas, learn and be inspired. I met some really awesome people at the pre-conference and I can't wait to continue to expand my "network." Whenever I meet new people I am always wary of people who "remember me" from prior conferences. I'm like do they remember me because I'm loud? annoying? hot? funny? all 4? There were a fee people who remembered me and then people during the conference who would talk to my coworkers and say they met me. Whatever I guess I make an impression wherever I go!

In addition to seeing my Kelly Duncan who asked for a room 2 doors down for me, I got to see people at the conference I knew from grad school or just from meeting them at prior conferences or when you have mutual friends and can connect that way. However since the conference was in Boston I also got to see a TON of friends who live in the area. Whatever downtime I had I tried to fill with seeing college friends. I'm so thrilled that I got to see everyone I hoped to see and had soo much fun with them. Some nights it was almost too much fun, I forgot how expensive alcohol could be up north...but regardless good times were had.

The location of the hotel was great...I did a lot of walking in Boston, but it was so crisp and beautiful there the whole time and I got to eat some really yummy stuff! Oh and I forgot to mention I presented at conference as well with 2 peeps from grad school which went well. I was really happy with the amount of people that not only came to our session, but stayed after to talk to us. I also drank my body weight in Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee while I was there...I just took Dunkin Donuts for granted for some many it's such a rare treat.

As energized as I was by the conference I was also WORN out. I was away from 7 days, 6 nights and I came back soooo tired. I also was away from my doggie Freddie who was at the kennel in the vet for a week. I woke up super early on Tuesday to get him because I didn't want to be away from him for a second longer than I had too. Despite some vet techs that adore him, Freddie was happy to be home. We cuddled for a bit before I had to head to work. I like walk in the office and my boss tells me to go and vote...okkkkaaay. I was actually glad he told me to go then because I was worried about going at lunch or after work. So I get to the polling place and get a spot and see the line isn't outside which is great. So I walk in and go to the A-L line and end up standing behind a cute guy. I had my voter registration card out and my work ID and my license out (yes I still have a NY license...I need to get on that) which I see him take note of. Then he says he didn't bring his registration card do I think he needs it so one thing leads to another and we have ourself a nice 5 minute chat before he has to split into more he goes off to the A-B line while I go to the J-K-L line. I couldn't complain though, talking to a cute boys is never a bad way to start the day. I was disappointed that the polling place had paper ballots, when I voted in college for president and for another local election we had the voting machines! I always get misty eyed when I vote, I guess because it's so great that we get a say in who out leader is and despite electoral votes our voice is heard. I did indeed vote for Obama incase you were wondering, but I'm not gonna get all political in the blog. I wore my "I voted" sticker proudly all day.

When I got back to the office and we had a meeting to talk about the stuff we had missed and talk about the conference my boss says towards the end of the meeting "Not that I'm complaining, but Jenn who have been really quiet today." haha it was true because normally I am a talker, but I told him that I was all talked out, I think I hit my word quota for the year. While I was at the conference I talked so much, which was awesome, but I really had nothing else to say!

After work that night I went to a election results viewing party at the Lee County Democrats Headquarters. I was invited by this girl I met who is trying to start up a Lee County Young Democrats group. It was really interesting too see these people get so excited a electoral votes rolled in and then when all of a sudden at 10pm central time the special report broke and we saw a logo that Obama was elected the 44th president. CRAZY. I can't believe it, the coolest things are how many red states went blue this year. I thought McCain gave a really classy speech, but I loved Obama gave a really great speech as well. It was great to watch history be made that night and to be a apart of it.

So clearly I didn't go to bed at a decent hour after election night craziness plus the fact that I had SO much work and e-mail to catch up on it was crazy. We had a transfer orientation on Friday and I had so much last minute stuff to do for it. I was waaaaaaay stressed out, not good. Wednesday and Thursday were really a blur, except for the fact that I went to the gym on Wednesday after a hiatus from being away and my training kicked my ass. I did however get to see my 2 "gym boyfriends" at the same time as well as this 3rd hottie that just came on my radar.

Friday I was up at like 5:30am and was on the go til 5pm. Orientation went well, there were some kinks, but we were in a new building, it was raining, I had a head OL on crutches, but it went smoother than I thought. I spent this weekend being a couch potato as well as sleep as much as humanly possible. I caught up on a bunch of shows online - How I Met Your Mother, Private Practice, Pushing Daisies, Grey's (Denny and that new doctor Own Hunt...yum) as well as caught up on my David Cook. He was on SNL last week and debuted his band as well as a new song off his cd. I watched most of David's idol performances yesterday and I'm not gonna lie I enjoyed every freakin second of it, I was a giddy as a school girl! I plan to watch some more performances tonight...God Bless You Tube.

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