Sunday, May 24, 2009

I survived

WOW Camp War Eagle has owned me the past few weeks. We had our retreat then training week aka training 10 days then the first session of camp. I was BEYOND TIRED. Thankfully everything went pretty smooth.

At training I presented on diversity (primarily GLBT students), out of state students, verbal awareness as well as presented a stereotyping activity and a potential roommate ranking activity that I created along with one of the head counselors. I also trained facilitators who will be presented a "learning for life" diversity session to the freshmen. I love that I'm getting to reach out to different populations and educate our other students as well.

I also finished up the out of state student video I had filmed and worked on the past few weeks. I still have some tweaks to make to it, but it went well. I showed it to the camp counselors and the people who came to our "Tigers in a New Territory" presentations liked it as well. This year our staff nametags have out hometowns on it - mine says "Long Island, NY." Yes I know Long Island isn't a town...but I need to take baby steps with people down here. However having NY on my nametag has had a lot of people talk to me which is fun. There were 2 other New Yorkers there, but them were from upstate...lame.

Camp itself went pretty smooth for a first session...I was especially RELIEVED since I made a number of suggestions to change the schedule. The schedule that has been in place worked and was great, but I'm glad we made changes that have to potential to really make things better and stronger.

Somewhere between training and camp I was able to catch up on a bunch of season finales. How I Met Your Mother - legendary as usual. Grey's was really interesting...quite the cliff hanger. American Idol was pretty good...clearly the top 3/top 2/ finale paled in comparison to when David Cook was a contestant, but he did perform on the finale. Cookie sang "Permanent" a song he wrote for his brother who passed away a few weeks ago and all the proceeds from the live version on itunes were going to a cancer research foundation. Cookie was awesome on idol...he is not only yummy, but such a class act. Kris Allen won idol which was quite surprising, but I liked both him and Adam. I'm just glad Gokey didn't make top 2...I'm still bitter than he lasted a week longer than my girl Allison. It's funny I am typing this today when Idol usually is on...I'm lost on Tuesday without it. To occupy my time I'm watching Twilight...somehow I have only watched it on dvd like 3 or 4 times since I bought it in March. I'm pretty pumped for New Moon in November. Agh Edward's "American" accent keeps changing throughout the moving...annoying.

This weekend was a lovely 3 day weekend. Like I said I caught on on tv and sleep. I slept A embarrassingly a lot, but then again I don't care I needed it. I wasn't a complete waste I cleaned a lot, did a ton of laundry and did some shopping. Good times.

Tomorrow is session 2 of Camp which is Wed-Fri then we have a Sun-Tues session...oh back to back. Another fun Camp thing I did was set up a Camp War Eagle Counselor Alumni group on facebook. Ella and I are all about having a Camp Counselor reunion especially since Camp is in it's 15th we shall see.

Lastly I bought my ticket to Lawnguyland for my birthday. July 27-August 5...that's ONE FULL WEEK. Crazy good times shall ensue...get your party panties ready.


Sarah said...

I don't have party panties, but maybe I could get some in honor of your birthday festivities!

Kelly said...

party panties are on! i'm coming!