Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hooked on V

Goodness...I have new obsession. Vampires. Okay sorta obsession and it's not new. As I have mentioned I am a Twilight fan and an old school Buffy/Angel fan...well as of yesterday you can add HBO's True Blood to the list. My friend Kristen told me I needed to read the books True Blood was based on and to watch the series when it came out on dvd. I added True Blood to my netflix and even looked into the books. Well yesterday I was lounging on the couch and nothing on tv appealed to me so I decided to buy the first episode of True Blood on itunes and see what it was all about.HOT is an intense, sexy, provocative show. As soon as it was over I was like I need to see more episodes, but I hate buying shows on itunes and then having to watch them on my computer so I went to Blockbuster to see if they had it...sold out. So I went to go buy it...$40, but worth it. I was up til 3am watching the first 7 episodes out of a 12 episode season. I would have stayed up all night if I didn't have Orientation today - yes on a Sunday.

The music, the "world" it is set in, the maturity. This is definitely more adult than Twilight. The "world" it's set in is modern day and that vampires have come out of hiding because scientists in Japan created quality synthetic blood - therefore vampires don't have to kill people and therefore can reintegrate in society. It's really interesting in terms of the politics, prejudices, norms etc. This show is definitely not for everybody, but if it seems like something you'd be into I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to buying the books series the show was based on...yay summer reading.

I love the song in the opening credits...check it out.

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