Thursday, June 4, 2009

Worth it?

So as you may or may not remember I took a community writing class this past fall which turned out to not be that enjoyable for a number of reasons. Despite it not being what I wanted it to be, I was glad I put myself out there. I was looking at the current community course offerings and I saw one titled "Calligraphy for Beginners" and it's little blurb says: "This class will introduce the elegant art of hand lettering and will provide a great opportunity for maintenance and review for previous students as well. Participants will learn and practice the rules of letter construction, spacing, and flourishes, as well as how to develop skills through the use of tools, materials, and techniques. Finding the best pens, inks, and papers to use, will be discussed, as will the practical uses for calligraphy and good reference books. Be ready for a myriad of ideas and several useful projects! A supply list will be provided upon registration. The cost of supplies is nominal."

This class has 3 - three hour sessions and it would cost $45. I have terrbile penmanship/handwriting I blame both my mother and my 3rd grade teacher for it. I'm intrigued, but I'm not sure if it should take it - I need to sign up soon. Thoughts?

Also next week I am planning on auditioning for Auburn's community theatre's summer "Scene Works 2009: Great American Playwrights." It would be a small commitment with just 1 performance so I figure what the heck. I actually may look into directing instead of acting or both...who knows.

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Star said...

I definitely think you should do the caligraphy class. I took a class once and really enjoyed it. I kind of wish I had continued because it would be cool to use every once and a while.