Monday, June 22, 2009

This and That

First thing's first. Kelly Duncan - avid blog reader extraordinaire - booked her flight to come see me Labor Day weekend! The fun that is going to be had is gonna be out of control, plus she'll get to experience a REAL football game. (I'm still bummed that she couldn't come down October 17/18 for a game and David Cook...she apparently think her brother's wedding is more important?!?!) I'll start the countdown to her visit after my New York countdown ends - I added that last week :)

I had some QUALITY pool time this weekend. Laid out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I got a nice amount of color...only my chest/shoulders are burnt. Bronze goddess here I come.

I had a fun little Friday...went to the Auburn Art Walk downtown with my friend Michelle. There was a interesting mix of people there, I was surprised how many people turned out and how many people I recognized from various things (gym/work/neighborhood etc). Then later than night I hung out with my friend Kristen and her zoo. She got a new kitten a few weeks ago and then rescued a little puppy (she always some across abandoned animals...good thing she's going to be a vet). My goodness the kitten and puppy were so cute and little. It made me realize what a big boy Freddie is. I weighed him the other day and fatty is almost 8 pounds. I thought he was gonna top off at like 6.5 pounds. Maybe when I get him a haircut he'll lose some hair weight haha. Yesterday when I took Freddie out he went and like got in my neighbor's cat's face (that makes sense right) anyway...I was on the phone so I didn't retract his lease fast enough and the cat must of swatted Freddie because he little nose got cut and bled for a few minutes. My poor basically I snuggled with him all last night.

I think I really need to keep a separate blog for my David Cook obsession. I don't care think blog is about me and David is a big part of my day on a regular basis. For those of you that may care...check out two new covers he is performing at shows. He has a 2 week break from touring and for this new leg of the tour he's changing up his playlists a bit. I love that he is ROCKING OUT on these two songs. As much as I love his ballads and slower stuff...I love him most when he is rocking out.

Umm I just realized that in a little over a month I'm going to be seeing David Cook and Incubus in the same WEEK...if only The Spill Canvas was touring/in town that week then it would be the TRIFECTA and I could die and go to heaven!!!


Star said...

I'm confused. Where is your post entirely dedicated to your upcoming trip to Charlotte?

Jenniac said...

I WAS TOTALLY GOING TO WRITE ABOUT THAT IN THIS POST...but I wanted to give it it's own post...tomorrow perhaps!

Anonymous said...

That Kelly Duncan is so much fun, you're so lucky she's coming to see you!!