Monday, June 8, 2009

The Lights on Broadway

Last night were the Tony Awards and I was super excited because Neil Patrick Harris was the the host.

Below is a mini play by play of the night:

There were a lot of awesome shows up for consideration. The show opened with essentially a mash up of all the musicals up for awards...really awesome minus the sound glitches

The unintentional highlight of the opening number...Bret Michaels too busy trying to soak up applause to hit his mark and instead gets hit by the scenery - you can see him cowboy hat onstage throughout part of the opening.

According to the Associated Press Bret Michaels fractured his nose and busted up his lip requiring three stitches. As I was watching it I knew he had to have gotten hurt, it the scenery was moving fast and he fell hard.

Neil Patrick Harris aka NPH made a few remarks at the top of the show and only in one liners throughout...I was disappointed there wasn't more NPH and his tight shiny suit.

The Shrek number they did was pretty cool...that actor who played the Prince has to dance on his knees 8 shows a week...crazy.

Will Farrell referred to himself as a theatre it. I wish I got to see his George W. Bush show...I wonder if it's on DVD?

The man himself Uncle Jesse aka John Stamos was a presenter and he is going to be in the revival of Bye Bye Birdie...too bad he won't be playing Conrad...that would have been saaaa-weet.

The lady who played Anita and won for West Side Story gave such a earnest speech.

Rock of Ages...I don't know how I feel. I wanted to like it, but I wasn't a fan from their performance. There were a bunch of awkward/random performance choices tonight.

WOW Next to Normal's performance was awesome...I had already looked up the show on Wikipedia when it won an award because I was unfamiliar with it. The scene the did was a show stopper - the female lead won the Tony last night! I listened to the whole soundtrack online today...fabulous. It was very contemporary...reminded me of RENT to degree.

Seriously we need more NPH.

Guys and Dolls number was okay minus the mic issues. Marlon Brando is the only Sky Masterson I will ever love...well besides Freeport High School's Ricardo Mercardo - he was fantastic in all the shows he did at FHS.

The theatre greats memorial made me tear up..especially set to "What I did for love" yet I couldn't help but think of Becky and Danny singing What I did for love on the Full House Telethon.

The scene they picked for Billy Elliot was a little creepy...yes there was lots of dancing, but there was far too much grunting.

I'm intrigued by the play To Be Pretty. Apparently it's filthy and full of curses. I looked it up on line and it's written by the guy who wrote The Shape of Things which was a cool/twisted movie with Paul Rudd. I may invest in the book.

Can that really be Harvey Fierstein's real voice...or did he get it from smoking like whoa? I also googled this yet googled failed me.

HAIR's performance was magical. I am so excited to see Hair...I only saw a community production of it which I loved and I also have the movie (love ya old school Treat Williams). Hair has so many great anthems that they really could have performed anything. I love that they got out in the crowd and free-loved it up. Hair will always make me think of my Dad...he loved singing the songs from it. This show also reiterates how I really wish I was around to have been a hippie...I would have be an awesome hippie.

Aww Kristen Chenowith is so cute..the fact that she's a natural brunette is like all I can think about when I see her because she is such a cute blonde. Seeing her makes me miss Pushing Daises already.

I already mentioned it, but the lead woman from Next to Normal won...she was redonk!

How cute/awkward were the 3 Billy Elliots who won.

Oh Jersey Boys...great music though I can't deny it.

I heart the theatre..I'm pumped about Auburn community theatre auditions next week!

Damn Billy Elliot is CLEANING UP.

There was not nearly enough NPH...but I'll settle for his closing number...sing it Neil I love you!

God bless the theatre...can't wait to be in NYC for a week this summer!

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