Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Rants

1. Remember the time it's spring..nearly summer. April should have had it's showers to bring May flowers and if my memory serves me correct we had quite a bit of rain. So why does it have to rain whenever I have time to lay out. I have not been at the pool yet this season and I am white!!! Not good. In addition to the rain we've have some crazy thunderstorms lately. I lost power Sunday and last night. Sunday oh my I was mad. I finally got out of bed at like 1:15pm on Sunday and at like 1:45pm I lost power for like 3 hours. Really I slept for like 13 hours and the power goes out when I'm finally awake and have to stare at the wall?!?! Okay I read, but still. Since the storm Sunday my internet has been stupid...yuck!

2. So I FINALLY saw Slumdog Millionaire this weekend...I know I'm the last person on the planet. Well being the last person to see it has major downfalls because it was so hyped up that I was disappointed. I thought the movie was interesting especially how all the questions tied into his life and the flashbacks, but I found the movie EXTREMELY depressing. The poverty, deaths, etc. I know I complain that I'm f*cked up, but these kids are REALLY messed up...so the fact that it ties up so neatly at the end at a supposed happy ending bothers me...hey girl remember that time his brother raped you and you were like a slave to 2 different guys. I have issues with movies that have all the depressing stuff for 90% of the movie and the then last 5 minutes are happy and people call it a "feel good movie." Nay. Nay I tell you...not even a dance routine with their poor sad former selves as children dancing can make the movie uplifting. Same thing with freaking Armageddon...that movie makes me visibly angry.

3. The most painful rant of them all is the fact that David Cook keeps escaping my grasp. I'm all for a little game of cat and mouse/hard to get, but future husband this is getting crazy. I am going to be in New York July 29-Aug 5 and David's tour had him in the Northeast a few dates around then, but with nothing really while I was home so I was hoping to catch him. First it's announced that doing Good Morning America and playing a free show in Central Park with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen on AUGUST 7th...really 2 days after I leave I was CRUSHED. Then I learn lastminute (DC's peeps need to post concert dates faster) that he is playing a Foxwoods in CT on Saturday August 1 - which unfortunately I was planning a big NYC day and my friend Sara can only come visit that day. Well I still planned to look into tickets and if I could get AMAZING tickets I would buy them. Umm the MGM Grand a Foxwoods holds like 4,000 people - lame and I wasn't able to get 1st tier tickets.So co Cookie at Foxwoods. Well then yesterday I hear he is playing in Jersey in July 30th at some venue I've never been to that like a little over an hour from where I live...a possibility, but again I wish I knew the venue and it was closer. THEN I hear he is playing the Nokia Theatre in Times Square...on AUGUST 6th. REALLY DAVID...REALLY?!?! I'm beyond frustrated...there are still some open dates in there that could work so now I'm torn if I buy the Jersey tickets on Friday or wait to see if he adds another date. Can someone just get me a date with him for my Birthday and put an end to this whole dilemma...thanks.

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