Wednesday, May 6, 2009


With all the David Cook craziness I haven’t been able to really post about my weekend.

Friday night Michelle and I went to Opelika’s Wine on the Tracks Festival. We didn’t really know what to expect, but we figured we’d check it out. There was a wine trail that you had to buy $25 tickets for, well we didn’t want to commit at first so we figured we’d just walk around a little. Basically all the shops downtown were open late and each different wines and snacks in their shops. I hadn’t been downtown much before so it was fun to explore. Michelle took me to this really cute inexpensive jewelry place and I of course bought 3 pairs of earrings!

Well the second place we go into Michelle spots a wine ticket - aka a program you needed to get the wine-just laying discarded on a shelf. Well after a few minutes of waiting to see if it got claimed I picked it up and Michelle and I took turns using it to sample the wine. I wouldn’t call it stealing, but I wouldn’t call it honest either - it was just meant to be. Michelle and I would have just shared a ticket anyway because apparently people who drank at every stop got pretty drunk. I did see a few coworkers who did the entire wine trail that can attest to that being true. Oh and one place had an awesome champagne punch - Michelle and I are going to try and recreate it - yum!

After we had over fill of wines Michelle and I headed to 8th and Rail which was right in the middle of the wine festival for a non-wine drink. I had only been to 8th and Rail once before at like happy hour and it was quite...well tonight it was busy and they have live music it was great.

Michelle and I grab a seat at the bar and grab a menu to decide on what to get. Pretty much everything was going to be a bad choice due to the saying "wine before liquor never been sicker." I actually turn to the guy next to me and ask him what he’s drinking - a white Russian - lame and I told him it’s lame. Surprisingly he was a smart ass and sassed me right back leading to Michelle and me chatting up David for most of the night. I told David about my blog and expect him to become an avid follower! Michelle and I settled on getting Amaretto Sours and I forgot how much I like those. Also at 8th and Rail my coworker Ella and her husband also found us, they were at the wine festival too, but we never crossed paths with them while we were there.

Saturday I was pretty much a waste of life, had a headache as I expected after drinking various types of alcohol. I really had hoped to do an intense spring cleaning in my apartment, but that never happened. I really need to make time this week because orientation training week kicks off on Sunday and my job will own me for the 10 days that follow - but I love my job so I’m okay with that.

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