Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Favorites

With Christmas Day being a week away I wanted to count down my top 5 favorite Christmas presents ever (well thus far..)

5. Broadway Show Tickets

*Most notably:

*In 9th or 10th grade my aunt got me the soundtrack and tickets for January. I hadn't asked to see it, but I was always open for new shows. I am so glad I got introduced to RENT so early and got to become a long time fan, having seen the show 13 times on it's original Broadway run.

*Went with my Dad and my sister the day after Christmas 2006, incidentally the last Christmas I had with my Dad. It was a great show and we all had a great time.

4. Magic Nursery Tiny Wonder Doll

*I got a boy named Christian who I loved! I must have been in 4th or 5th grade, but I vividly remember sneaking to the top of the staircase at like 6am to see what Santa left and seeing two huge toy boxed filled with wrapped presents and 2 babydoll beds on top. As much as I take issue with my parent's parenting abilities, they knew how to do Christmas right when we were little. Those are some of my happier childhood memories.

3. Samantha - the American Girl Doll

*We had asked Santa for the dolls since they were so expensive and Santa has no budget and we asked our parents for doll dresses and accessories. My sister and I begged for these dolls - Samantha for me and Molly for her. Being the little brat I was didn't think it was fair that my sister would get the doll at age 7 when I didn't get one til I was 9 (we're 2.5 years apart). I seriously remember being so excited when the catalogs came in the mail and looking through them meticulously and circling things I wanted.

2. HBB - My Teddy Bear

*I do not have a picture of HBB handy, but I though this picture represented how big HBB seemed to me when I got him. I believe I got him was I was 5 years old and I have slept with him in my bed ever since. It was Christmas Eve at my mom's parent's house, but I'm not sure who exactly gave him to me. HBB is an acronym for his name which only a few people know. My mom have taken to calling him "Ted."

1. New York Knicks Starter Jacket

*In junior high was OBSESSED with the New York Knicks, especially John Starks (his number was 3 and that is the main reason why my favorite number is 3). Well back in 7th grade Starter jackers were all the age and I was DYING for a Knicks Startee jacket, but I wanted the BLACK one, not the blue one which was easy to come by. Well a few weeks before Christmas my family and I were shopping at Gold Coast in Oceanside (does anyone else remember that place it was AMAZING, it was like an indoor flea marker that had a little bit of everything. I have no idea why when closed years ago, I loved that place) and I spotted a ONE men's medium Knicks Starter Jacket in BLACK. I tried it on and it fit like a glove. My parents of course said no, despite me promising to act surprised on Christmas morning. Well Christmas morning came and I went for the biggest box in my pile to open first. I opened the next few biggest jacket. Finally I came to a square box that looked like it could hold something the size of a volleyball. I opened it up and there it was my BLACK KNICKS STARTER JACKET. My mom has smushed it up to throw me off. I sobbed I was so happy, which made my parents laugh, but also touched them. I loved that jacket and wish I still had it. I actually found those pictures thanks to ebay and am comtemplating putting in an offer for it!

Also that year I asked my aunt for a WHITE John Starks Knicks jersey. You know when wearing NBA gear as a tween you gotta get to "cool stuff" hence why I was so specific in my wants. I actually not only got the jersey, but I got tickets to go with my aunt to see the Knicks plays the Nets at the Garden and OBVIOUSLY I wore my jersey. Our seats were fantastic right behind the basket a few seats up from the court, that is also a vivid memory of mine. God the Knicks in the mid 90s were SIIIIICK. Excellent memories.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoy writing it and going down memory lane. What are some of your favorite Christmas presents you've gotten over the years? Please share in the comments section.


codi.susanne said...

I LOVED getting a peak at little jenn!!!
My favorite Christmas present, easy...CELINE DION TICKETS!!!!!!

Kelly said...

That was FANTASTIC! My favorite was my purple scooter. When I was 8, that was all I wanted (scooters were all the rage back then) and when I came down Christmas morning, no scooter. Epic fail. After composing myself and remaining the polite young lady I always was, I went about opening my other gifts and acting like I was happy. After everything was opened, my grandfather asked me to go into the bathroom and get him a tissue. I went in and there was my purple scooter, shoved up against the sink! It was magical, but again, not being the loud child in the family, I simply looked it over, GOT GRANDPA THE TISSUE (hahaha) and went back to hand it to him. They all looked at me shocked and said "didn't you see anything in the bathroom". To which I replied, "Yes, a scooter". So matter-of-fact. Oooh 8 year old Kelly, I heart you!