Thursday, March 12, 2009

Concerts on my Birthday!

Soooo this week has been really weird. On Monday I was looking at a bunch Incubus concert footage online and thinking about how it has been SOOO long since I've seen them on tour. I have loved Incubus since like 2000 - Senior year of high school baby. I love their CDs, but they are fantastic live. They also mix it up, I love when they do some songs acoustic and when they do covers. On Monday, I went to their website and looked to see if they were, sad. So I facebook my fellow avid Incubus lover Jeannine and tell her I wish Incubus was on tour and when they do announce a tour we are going...even if it somewhere random and we both have to travel to get there. I've been listening to the Incubus channel on Pandora this week and even the loal radio station played some Incubus and the DJ commented they were one of his favorite bands. Well low and behold I log onto myspace and check the bulletins and I see one from Incubus announcing a Greatest Hit CD and a Tour. WHAT?!?! So I read about the CD that comes out in June, 2 discs, full of their hits, plus 2 new tracks and some rarities they play. Then I scroll to the tour and look for "NY" or "GA" shows and I stop at "NY" and see they are playing Radio City Music Hall...ON MY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Seriously, I already planned on being home then, I can't believe it. The SAME thing happened with the American Idols Tour aka David Cook Concert, they were playing Long Island on my birthday when I planned on being home!

Sometime I say I'm not lucky, but then again I do luck out with certain things. Back to Incubus real quick. I am debating on going to their NYC show on my bday or their Show 2 days before at the Mohegan Sun Casio in CT and make a whole Casino birthday weekend out of it with Colleen (her bday is Aug 5). Plus I am debating going to see them in Atlanta on a Friday in mid August on top of the CT/NY show.

Seriously though I was planning on blogging about music today and how I love lyrics that really hit home or make you think of someone (good or bad). I saw lyrics to a Dashboard Confessional song that hit home the song is called "Bend and not break" and thy lyics that made me think of someone are:

I'm talented at breathing
Especially exhaling
So that my chest will rise and fall with yours
Try to understand there's an old mistake that fools will make
And I'm the king of them, pushing everything that's good away

For those of you who are my myspace friends...check out my playlist. I got some AWESOME tunes going on there. Enjoy!

PS - I had a crazy dream last night that my friend Rory was talking to me as she was crossing traintracks (the traintracks were ones by where I grew up...that have lights and bars that come down) and without warning a train just plows through and hits her and she died on impact while I stand there in shock. I was seriously FREAKED OUT. I did a little "dream analyzing" via google today and it said trains are usually big businesses or groups and a problem they have involving the person they are in contact with. So I actually told Rory all of this on Facebook..we'll see what she says, but I must say I am quite thankfulthat she is alive and well because that dream was all kinds of effed up.

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