Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the Verge

I can never catch a break. So after monthsssss of putting off getting my Alabama license and registering my car today was the day. I took today off from work and planned to get it all over with. I get to the DMV and they ask to make sure I had my NY license, SS card and birth certificate which I present to them. Then they give me a number and I wait for a little bit over an hour. Then my number gets called and I give the lady all my stuff and I see her keep looking at my birth certificate and take it around to other people. Well it turns out my birth certificate is not a birth certificate, it's a birth registration. F**K me. So they tell me I need to request one from New York state, but they can begin to process my stuff and I would only have to come back with my birth certificate. okay. Well the start processing my stuff and because the name on my birth registration includes my mother's maiden name in addition to my last name and my ss card and license don't have my mother's maiden name. So they couldn't process anything and I have to figure out what my "legal name" is. Since I was unsuccessful with the license venture, I couldn't go to a different DMV ti register my car. Days like this really make me wish my dad was still alive. Luckily I had my sister to calm me down. I spent the rest of the day on the couch and then went to the gym to destress which was fantastical.

Prior to today's meltdown I was gonna post about how I spent the weekend in Mississippi at Ole Miss for an orientation conference. There were 1500 crazy orientation people. I presented 3 different sessions which is a lot, but they all went really well. I got to catch up with lots of orientation folks, plus it made me realize that I really have a edge with all my technology skills and I may talk to my boss about putting it into my job duties...which hopefully could mean more for $$$. Also at the conference I was thinking about how if I ever decide to get my doctorate I would do it in industrial and organization psychology. I was reading about Auburn program...but I'm not ready for a phd yet...plus with psych it's gonna have stats and math...scary.

I must get back to watching American Idol. This season I'm liking Allison, Adam, Alexis and Kris -in that order...but no one comes close to my David Cook.

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