Sunday, March 8, 2009

Keeping Memories of Quinnipiac

So last weekend I headed back to the good old Northeast for my college reunion weekend. I flew out Thursday evening - keep it mind it was 70 + degrees out. Colleen picks me up and the airport and we catch up for the 1+ hour drive. While driving I notice and envy how there is a Dunkin' Donuts every freaking exit and yet there are barely any in the south. I spent Thursday night at Colleen's place and then Friday she worked part of the day while I slept in and then that afternoon we ran some errands, including hitting up a huge New York & Company sale. Oh how I miss having a NY&C close by. So Friday evening we head down to the Q in the rain. Once we get to Hamden - aka my happy place - we go to my friend Katie's house. It was sooo good to see Katie it had been like 2 years since we've seen each other, but we chat via facebook/aim pretty regularly. So we all get ready and head out - there were 2 big places to go that night, but we rolled up at one place and it was packed with a line wrapping around the building with people waiting in the rain...ummm no. I realize the car in front of us is one of our friends so I call them to find out what they are doing. They tell us they are going to a more chill place since everywhere else was crazy. It ended up being really fun because a nice sized group of my good friends met up and were able to get a big table and catch up over beers. The place started to pick which was fun too. Towards the end of the night we went back to the place that was crazy packed and we went in - no cover since the place was only gonna be open for less than an hour. It was fun though to see a different group of people. Everyone all weekend kept commenting on my short dark hair, mostly because it was long and blonde last time. It was also fun to see former students I had as freshman in my orientation groups who are ALL alumni - even my youngest babies. Crazy. Friday night we slept at Katie's place..,thanks Katie!

Saturday Colleen and I went out to lunch in New Haven at one of my favorite spots and then headed to campus in search of a QU hoodie to replace the one I lost on New Years Eve. Sadly I didn't find any sweatshirts I I was in a hurry to leave because Colleen and I weren't showered and were all scrubby and there were just TOOO many people on campus who I hadn't seen in a long while and would rather be showered and ready. So we go and check into the hotel and start to get ready while some our other friends start rolling into town. Saturday night was an university sponsored social with an open bar. It was fun, but there were too many people, it was really crowded. I did get to catch up with a bunch of people including my very first Quinnipiac crush - he was the OL that greeted me when I pulled into orientation freshman year...yum. As we were leaving the social on campus I saw one of my friend who was filming stuff for Alumni Affairs and wanted to know if I'd do a little interview....yum HELLZ YEAH. So we'll see if they use any of that footage on the website. Colleen even did an interview after me. Colleen later said she knew she was buzzed because she agreed to be filmed for an interview. haha

After we left campus we headed to New Haven and we got to the bar early enough that there were no wait and no cover. I pretty much saw everyone out at the bar that night. I swear all I did was walk laps stopping to talk to people in 20 minute intervals. I had soooo much fun that night. It was so excellent to see good friends, past friends, lost friends, acquaintances. There were some interesting interactions that not, including some awkward hand holding...not initiated by me! I talked, I drank, I laughed, I danced and i looked was a fantastic evening. We ended up wolfing 2 pizzas and like one minute and went back to the hotel room with a bunch of people, by at that point I was so tired that I apparently curled up on the foot of the bed and went to sleep.

One thing I failed to mention was while I was at the bar Saturday night I kept getting calls from an 800 number so when I was in the bathroom I was able to pick up the phone to get an automated message saying my flight for Sunday was cancelled, but it was rescheduled. So Sunday at brunch I call to figure out my flight info. I couldn't figure out why it was cancelled the weather was fine....snow storms were expected much later. Well after over 30 min on hold I come to find out my flight was rescheduled for Monday at 2pm. Great I was going to have to miss work and it was going to be a crazy week. So I call my boss only to find out that it was snowing in ALABAMA. What?!?! There were tornadoes and 70 degree weather on Saturday with flooding and then Sunday they got over 2 inches of snow. CRAZY. So Sunday I went back to Colleens and we just hung out in sweatpants before going to Colleen's dance rehearsal for Grease that she was leading. It has just started snowing and the ground was slick and it was so cold. I like couldn't walk on the ice - i forgot I didn't bring any appropriate shoes. Grease rehearsal was a fun time...I enjoyed it. After the nearly 3 hour practice like 3 inches of snow accumulated. DAMN. I had a bad feeling about my flight on Monday. Turns out the school where Colleen works was closed for snow and my flight was delayed 3 hours. Around noon Colleen and I go outside to dig our her car which was hilarious and I made a glorious snow angel in 12+ inches of snow. We end up going to lunch with Colleen and some other friends, at this place with AMAZING chicken pot pie, before dropping me off at the airport. So I get to the airport over an hour before my flight and the plane arrives at the gate on time and I'm like okay I can get out. Welllll not so much the delay the flight a few times and then tell us there is mechanical issues with wing de-icer valves....great. Well after failed attempt to fix it, before the officially cancel the fight I try and figure out my options. I end up getting a ticket to fly standby on a flight that was boarding at the moment. I was like I HAVE to get on that flight or else I'd have to wait til 2pm the next day. Well I ended up being the 3rd to last person to get on the flight. THANK GOD. It was a crazy long travel day. I didn't get to my apartment til 12c/1e. I barely got any sleep and then I went to go rescue Freddie before heading into work - which was a crazy long and busy work well.

More on that later.

*Note the title of this post is the title of a song that 2 of my friends wrote and performed about graduating from the Q

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