Monday, March 30, 2009


Wow I must apologize for being a SLAAAAACKER, but I've been busy. Friday we had another Transfer the rain, which was stressful at times, but we got through it with flying colors.

Let's see last the weekend I went to an AU baseball game and dinner with Michelle and Saturday I went to the dog park with Kristen and her dog. Later we just hung out, got dinner, drinks, played rockband and went out for a bit.

Then this past week all the students were back from spring break and I have about a million things to do which ended with Orientation. After such an exhausting week I went for a much needed mani/ nails are awesome, I can't believe I am a reformed nail bitter. Friday night I kept it low key and watched Grey's and my new favorite movie: P.S. I love you with Gerard Butler and Hillary Swank. OMG Such a great movie and great music. I laughed, I cried, it got me thinking. If you haven't seen it add it to your Netflix ASAP.

Saturday I was up bright and early despite the monsoon outside to drive to Florida State to see my friend from college Tom who is in grad school for higher ed. The drive was terrible, I thought I was going to die like 5 times, I had to keep pulling over because it was raining so hard. Luckily I have my new itunes purchases to keep me company: The new Fray CD, Thriving Ivory (AMAZING BAND...obsessed...reminds me of Something Corporate), the P.S. I Love You soundtrack, some American Idol songs, live David Cook concert songs I ripped off youtube, and some other random downloads. After 4 plus hours I finally made it there in one piece and was overjoyed to see Palm Trees in Tallahassee! Campus was beautiful, great buildings, quad space and their football stadium doubles as an administration building on the perimeters...redonk!

It was fun to catch up with Tom and talk higher ed and Quinnipiac. Later we got dinner with some of his grad school friends which was good times. Again I played guitar hero, but was terrible...I blame the Yuengling. Sunday I slept til like 1pm...opps! I was sooo tired from a long week and a drive. We got some yummy Mexican food and I headed back for my trek back later that afternoon which was WAAAY better since the sun was shining. Yet for some reason I couldn't go to bed last night I was up til like 2am so needless to say I am beat today. The rest of this week should be less crazy. I hope I have time to FINALLY watch Twilight, I got the DVD last week and haven't been able to watch it. Oh and I also have to track down my birth certificate since UPS is the devil...we shall see that the debacle goes.

Lastly, I just saw New Kids on the Block is doing a Summer tour and will be in Birmingham in May and I don't have Orientation that night yay!!! So I'm hoping to go since I was really depressed I didn't get to see this past tour.

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