Monday, March 9, 2009

I Rock!

So last week I missed a day of work and my last training with my student staff due to flight drama. I spent the rest of the week getting prepared 100% for our transfer orientation session - my first BIG one in the New Student Center. There were some complications and headaches along the way which is to be expected, but overall the 350+ students and 150+ parents were "orientated" (it's not a real world and it's like nails on the chalk board for most of us).

Today my boss sent out an email to our orientation leaders to thank them and tell them they did a good job and I also got some praise.

"Finally, I think we owe a HUUUUUUUGE shoutout to here's mine. While she was here for our November and January sessions, they were both relatively small and we were working with a very experienced staff. I like to consider last Friday as her first official session as the SOS Director, and I for one think she did a fantastic job. She selected great OLs (clearly), oversaw a thorough and enjoyable training process, planned the meticulous details that can ruin a program if they are overlooked, and did it all with the energy and exuberance that only Jenn has. If you get a chance to come to 189 this week before you depart for your Spring Break destinations, drop by and give Jenn a pat on the back. She earned it."

So I am pretty much a happy girl today. I felt the day went pretty smooth considering all the new-ness and it was really great to get some recognition for it.

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Anonymous said...

It's always great to receive a pat on the back for a great job! Too many times terrific work goes, not only un-noticed, but also un-appreciated. Good for you Jenn...
As always, I am so proud of you