Friday, July 24, 2009

Creative Outlets

I would definitely say I'm a creative person as least in the cerebral sense, but I wish I was more physically creative. I wish I could paint, draw, sing, play an instrument, or dance. I get insanely jealous of those who can do those things. For me music is intoxicating and powerful. I wish I could sing, play an instrument, write music and after watching a favorite clip of mine like

I really do think I have NO business dancing. A favorite quote of mine is from college when I was dragged to a hip hop dance/workout class. After 35 minutes I couldn't stand it, I was too off rhythm and awkward. I sat down in the back of the class for the rest of it and watched. Afterwards I told my friends, "I wore plaid for far too many years to be any good at hip hop dancing" (I went to catholic school and wore a uniform). Any dancing though I am just terrible. I think part of it is confidence and although at times it seems like I have enough ego to spare I can NO confidence when it comes to dancing and I prefer to bop my head to the music and watch those that are talented do the dancing - and watch the fools that can't dance, but have confidence regardless.

My favorite creative outlets are in my writing (NOT HANDWRITING), acting, directing, problem solving and accessorizing. I actually have been e-mailing with my Calligraphy teacher about tattoos and ambigrams and after telling her about my tattoos and sending her some links in a lengthy e-mail one of the things she wrote back saying is that from my e-mail she can tell I'm a good writer. I guess it's in my storytelling and how I organize my thoughts - I THINK YOU ALL SHOULD TELL ME WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT MY WRITING IN A COMMENT! I guess I should mention my calligraphy class, it's interested, but I don't think I'm disciplined enough (story of my life). I do hope to maybe use my Calligraphy skills on some projects and possible gifts in the future. One of the major rules of calligraphy is to TAKE YOUR TIME, I try my best. I know in my regular handwriting I think waaaaay faster than I write and part of the reason why my handwriting is so atrocious is because I'm trying to get my thoughts out as fast as possible. Even my typing is sloppy because when I'm in "flow" I want to get everything before I forget or before I get too far behind. I am the queen on typos on the computer and I am a terrible proof reader because when I read things I like automatically "auto correct." I know what I'm saying so I really just skim it.

In terms of acting and directing I'm finally reconnected with those outlets. I am working with our community theatre for a one night only sceneworks. I am directing a scene with 3 awesome ladies and I'm really excited for where the it is going. We still have 3.5 weeks until our workshop, but I'm pumped regardless. Unfortunately I wasn't able to act as well, I just got too busy to commit to two projects especially while Camp was still going on. However the community theatre is doing acting workshops once a week which has been fun. God I miss acting class we had so much fun, one of the perks of being a theatre minor I guess. I actually just heard about an improv troupe that is trying to start up in the next town over so I am meeting going to a rehearsal on Sunday to meet everyone and see if it's something that I would be interested in committing to. My sister has really enjoyed her improv experience and I've enjoyed my minimal experience.

I also really love problem solving and thinking outside of the box. I think it's a great skill of mine and that other people really appreciate it. Lastly I said accessorising, because I try and put thought into it. I am REALLY into earrings, I think it's because I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 16. I like to try and coordinate my earrings with my outfits. I also used to try and coordinate my watches with my earrings as well, but I'm calmed down with that a bit. So yeah when someone compliments my earrings I ususally get really excited because I put thought into wearing them...almost more-so than any other article of clothing I am wearing! I swear I could be wearing PJs and if I have funky earrings in I feel awesome.

I'll stop rambling...obviously this blog is a superfabulous creative outlet for me.

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