Saturday, July 25, 2009


Okay this is my first blog I'm writing from my blackberry so we'll see how this goes.This morning I had a hair appointment and I'm not gonna lie I was nervous because I liked my old girl so much and her prices were awesome. I've been long overdue for a cut and color, but camp kept me so busy I wanted to put it off until after camp. I decided to go where both my coworkers go and hope for the best. I was very specific because I knew exactly what I wanted and luckily my stylist was fantastic and I got EXACTLY what I wanted...a cherry cola lob. Now lwt me explain...I describe my hair color as cherry cola because it a warm browm that has a hint of red with black lowlights. A lob is a term for a long bob haircut...mine is short and stacked in the back and angel to the front which is shoulder length. My stylist impressed herself and even took pictures of my hair to add to her portfolio! The best part was that the price was all very reasonable!!! So I am thrilled to have found a new excellent stylist.
At the moment I am waiting at the car dealership on an oil change and a repair on my tire that had a screw in it! I have a bunch of errands I need to run today in preparation for NEW YORK. Yesterday I finally deep cleaned my closet and bagged up a ton of stuff in addition to going through some other things in my room to better organize my life. I felt very accomplished and hope to clean and organize more tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to the movies to see The Ugly Truth which is prob the first movie I've seen in theatres since the Dark Knight last year, I'm not a big movie goer.


Sarah said...

Yay for a new hairdo! Can't wait to see it in 2 weeks. If only Big Rod could make it to the Stenlake reunion!!

natalie said...

I can't wait to see the new hair do! i be it looks awesome! Give my love to Freddie :)