Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holy Cow!

This is BIG news at home on Long Island. My mom left me a message saying someone from Rolling River (a day camp I worked at) was arrested and she was curious if I knew him...his name is Danny Rothbard.

OMFG...yes I knew Danny Rothbard. I worked with him for 3 summers. I was by no means "friends with him" especially since he was like always treated like the Golden Boy by everyone. I remember when he had to leave camp a few days early one summer because he was leaving for his freshman year of college at Towson.

It's so messed up and I can't believe I actually know someone in the news for something this crazy.

To end things on a brighter note...I didn't really care too much about Danny Rothbard, but I was too busy crushing hard on Danny Sloan those summers. I do want to mention I got an IM from one of my friends from high school saying she was panicked for a second when she read the article because she thought the Danny that got arrested was Danny Sloan and she couldn't remember Danny Sloan's last name...until of course she realized it was SLOAN. However it is totally understandable because we rarely referred to him as Danny it was always DannySloan - 1 word.

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