Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bad Boys

I still sometimes surprise myself with my taste in guys, but one "trend" that hasn't seemed to go away is my "bad boy complex." Bad boys. I just can't get enough. And then put an instrument and/or microphone in their damn. I don't know what it is and I am well aware I am not alone in liking bad boys. Maybe because it's dangerous or it spices up the chase I don't know. Now don't confuse bad boys with jerks...yes there is some overlap, but I don't think they should be grouped together. Don't get me wrong I've dealt with my fair share of jerks. I've also dealt with my least favorite group of them all "nice guys." Nice...kiss of death. If the number one way someone describes you is as nice...then move along. I'd rather be called ugly than nice...I really mean that. It's my blog, If I can't be honest here than where can I be. Nice is so boring and safe. At least jerks and bad boys have some mystic or personality. Plus I'm not a nice person...I'm generally sarcastic, mean, funny, even weird at times. Can I treat people nicely...yes, but I'm not nice and I wouldn't want to be. Now before you think I'm either a liar or crazy, let me explain. I am approachable, generous, thoughtful, helpful and many other things along those lines. I just have never liked the word nice or the "blah-ness" associated with it. I like having a little edge and I like guys with a little edge.

Now don't get me wrong, a police record is not the number 1 thing I look for in a guys, but a guy who has gotten into a few fights in his life. Hot. Drinking brown liquors. Hot. Being tormented and brooding. Insanely hot.I love guys with tattoos, eye liner, piercings, necklaces, painted nails and those guys are generally rocker guys. I also like guys who are musical, play an instrument or sing. So you put them together and I'm in heaven. Now you may know me and look and me and say I'm not a rocker chick and I somewhat agree. However in addition for my love of music, concerts, lyrics, guitars despite the fact that I am not musically gifted at all I also have some subtle rocker qualities. I have a few strategically placed tattoos, I keep my finger nail polish colors interesting (currently they are sparkly pink with black tips), I regularly wear jewelry with stars on it (or handcuffs haha), I have some black streaks in my hair (I even had the bottom few inches hot pink for a few weeks in college, I am actually considering putting some subtle pink streaks back in my hair), I love dramatic eye makeup (especially fake eyelashes, black eye liner, smokey eyes and glitter). So no I'm not a blatant rocker chick, but it's also because I am too multifaceted to commit, however I strongly believe a person's subtleties say a lot about them.

So would I love to date an actual rockstar...yes, yes I would. But I would just a much love to date to lawyer who moonlights a rocker by night. Plus I just really want someone to write a song about me. Sadly there aren't too many rocker types in eastern Alabama, but I'm keeping my eyes open and my hopes up (and yes this includes Delicious).

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